Joining Forces at Naval Air Station Oceana

Uploaded by whitehouse on 26.07.2011

♪♪ (music playing) ♪♪
Student: We are working on the background for the play Annie.
Would you like to help us?
First Lady Michelle Obama: Are we ready to color? Paint?
Let's do it.
Are you excited about fourth grade?
Student: Kind of.
First Lady Michelle Obama: Yeah.
Cathy Mead: She is working on our back drop to Annie,
which we are going to be doing on Tuesday.
We are one of the one facilities that do a
big stage production every year.
♪♪ In Unison: ♪♪ It's a hard knock life for us. It's a hard knock life for us.
Instead of treated...
Cathy Mead: About 50 percent of our kids at any given time,
their parents are deployed.
Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, whatever.
We have them all in our center.
It is a very big family atmosphere here in the center.
First Lady Michelle Obama: Today's screening is part of Joining Forces movie series
that we started this summer.
Where some of our country's biggest movie studios are
offering special screenings for military families at bases all
across America.
There is something that I want to say to all of you.
And I have been saying this a lot.
And it is simple, but it is thank you.
I want to thank you for those of you who wear our uniform
and thank you to all of you who don't wear the
uniform and serve.
Because no matter which group you fall into,
all of you are serving our country.
I have a very special surprise for all of the witches and
wizards and muggles, so I have to stop talking so that you
can watch the surprise.
So here it is. Okay.
Daniel Radcliffe: Hi there, everybody at the Naval Air Station Oceana.
I am Daniel Radcliffe and I am thrilled to be here to introduce
part of the screening for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Part Two in conjunction with Mrs. Obama's Joining
Forces campaign.
I just want to say that I hope you enjoy the film.
I have a few friends in the British --
in various branches of the British military.
And so I know how hard you guys work.
And how hard -- and the tremendous courage it
takes to do what you do.
And the commitment that you have shown to your country.
And the discipline in your lives and it is amazing.
So I play at being a hero on screen,
but there is very little heroic about me in real life.
And you guys, I will leave that all to you.
So thank you very, very much and I hope you enjoy the film.
First Lady Michelle Obama: Thank you guys. Have fun.