Space Janitors Have Dreams Too - Space Janitors: Episode One [Official HD Version]

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DARBY RICHARDS: So she's gulping down the second most
expensive bottle of wine on the menu.
Which is annoying because I know she can't taste it and
it's just going straight to her waste receptacle.
MIKE CHET: Uh-huh.
DARBY RICHARDS: And then she dumps me because, get this,
she says she doesn't think that she can be with someone
from maintenance.
MIKE CHET: Well, I guess that's why she wanted you to
get that promotion so bad.
It will happen, eventually.
She's just impatient.
Which is strange because it's not like
she's getting any older.
MIKE CHET: Look, I'm not really the go-to guy for
dating advice.
Especially with android women.
Now, if you want to talk probe droids.
Mike, you're not seeing the big picture.
It's not about my relationship with Elle.
It's about my career.
MIKE CHET: Career?
How many officers you know started out as a janitor?
DARBY RICHARDS: All I need is one supervisor with some
Or if we get a little face-time
with Dark Lord himself?
MIKE CHET: Oh yeah, like Dark Lord even knows we exist.
DARBY RICHARDS: He would know we exist, if we could just get
in there, and show him all these cool ideas that I have.
MIKE CHET: Control, this is Mike Chet.
We have two squall troopers ready for soiling.
Deck one, section 12.
DARBY RICHARDS: Hey Mike, you ever notice when the rebels
come on board they never shoot at us.
MIKE CHET: Yeah, it's the best.
DARBY RICHARDS: They could at least
acknowledge that we're here.
MIKE CHET: What, by blasting us?
DARBY RICHARDS: No, a little eye contact would be nice.
Maybe shoot at us and miss.
MIKE CHET: You know, I think the squall troopers actually
came closer to hitting us.
DARBY RICHARDS: The rebels treat us like we're
insignificant, but they don't even know who we are.
We could be important imperial guys.
MIKE CHET: Yeah, but it's janitor right
here though, right?
DARBY RICHARDS: The point is they don't know we're the true
keepers of the station.
We technically have access to every room on board.
We tune the hyper drive, we maintain the giant laser.
MIKE CHET: Clean the barf out of the flight simulator, keep
the urinal cakes stacked.
DARBY RICHARDS: Yeah, for now.
But I'm going somewhere.
And someday, I'm going to be somebody someone's gonna want
to shoot at.
MIKE CHET: Hey, if it's any consolation, I think you
already should be shot.
DARBY RICHARDS: Thanks, man.
MIKE CHET: That was not a compliment.
DARBY RICHARDS: The more they disobey the emperor, the more
we tighten our grip.
And the more we tighten our grip, the more systems will be
firmly held in our massive space hand.