Jamie's Food Team on How to Cook Chard

Uploaded by JamieOliver on 21.01.2013

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Hi food team I'm Lizzie I am from just outside of chicago and I need some help
I'm having a dinner party for about 15 or 20 friends and family
and i want to make something super healthy super good colorful and i have a tone of this
a ton of swish chard
and i'm not sure how to make it
beautiful because when i do cook it it tends to wilt down and look mushy
seriously but look at that colour its purple
its green its
yummy i love it
so help me get
everybody on board and you know make some swiss chard thanks
wow 15 people
i love this stuff
i absolutely love it
you have to divide it up don't you because this bits tough this
this bits really delicate so you
you literally strip it dont you
like tear it from the stalk
and you treat the stalks and the leaves differently
with the stalks we would always
finely slice wouldn't we
and then pan fry those first and then you would
with garlic
remember that really nice pie jamie made
he does it with feta so you wilt down your i think he used spinach
but you could do it with chard its a spanihobitar a greek thing
a spinach and feta pie if she wants to be healthy she could use filo
yeah absolutely
even if you did like a
couple of big
pies and invest in the base so you
fry off your stalks
wilt the leaves
feta for seasoning and maybe you can bulk it out
with pine nuts of almonds nuts are a lovely texture, lemon
yeah you could go pulses in there
it could be delicious with lentils and if you had a ton of it you could put the chard in the pie
and then perhaps have a beautiful chard salad on the side
would you even just not like cook the leaves your shredded stalk your shredded leaves
really punchy dressing toasted nuts an apple would be delicious through there or pear
and then thats how you keep the colour and you can bulk it out because
obviously it looses a lot of volume once you cook it down so a massive bowl of that on the side
absolutely gorgeous chard tart or filo pie
beautiful rainbow salad perfect
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