S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management - Cornell University

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The S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell admits only one-fifth of its applicants.
If you want to be a part of that select group, you should familiarize yourself with the program.
The more you know about Johnson, the better you will be able to judge if the program is
a good fit for you and the easier it will be to convince the admissions committee that
you’re a good fit for Johnson. Founded in 1946, Johnson is small and highly
selective. This allows the school to maintain a school community that is smart, intense,
and warmly collaborative. Teamwork is one of the school’s hallmarks. Students work
closely with each other, the faculty, and alumni, and graduate ready to hit the ground
running. Teams consist of students with different specializations to encourage multiple points
of view. They work together to address hypothetical problems, improving the students’ abilities
to work with others, and allowing students to see business as a team process.
One thing that differentiates Johnson from other MBA programs is its immersion program
in which everything that the student does or experiences—including classes, professors,
speakers, and field trips—is directly related to a specific area of business. Students can
choose to immerse themselves in investment banking, sustainable global enterprise, capital
markets, and more. The school also has a very strong brand program. Every year top companies
recruit Johnson’s brand students—and some years every brand student has received multiple
offers. Johnson provides more international business
learning opportunities than many larger business schools. The Program for International Business
Education offers a wide variety of international business courses, spanning from multinational
corporations to small entrepreneurial firms. The Johnson School’s Center for Sustainable
Global Enterprise sponsors courses centered on global sustainability, some of which include
international travel or have projects where you will gain first-hand experience focusing
on global businesses. Applicants must have strong academics and
proven leadership skills. Admissions officers want to see a track record of success in all
areas of an applicant’s life—professional, academic, and personal. They are also seeking
students with a clear desire to learn and grow. This means you must have the willingness
and ability to collaborate with others, be open to the many other cultures and ideas
that make up today’s global community. You can learn more about Johnson in the school’s
twelve-page profile in our book, Top MBA Programs: Finding the Best Business School for You.
The book also gives in-depth profiles on 30 other top MBA programs. You can purchase the
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