Minecraft 1.7 - sticky pistons - escalier escamotable / retractable stairs [French w/ EN subs]

Uploaded by Zebix on 04.07.2011

Hello everyone. I would like to use this little video
To show you a feature introduced in Minecraft patch 1.7
Which is the use of pistons, more specifically sticky pistons
to build stairs. Retractable stairs, in a wall.
You see this big stone wall here; stairs are there.
But first I'll show you, as a reminder, how pistons work.
Pistons are this block you see here
with a redstone circuit. You switch on, it pushes the piston.
Here we have a sticky piston, on which you put a slime ball
If I put a block here
You see the piston sticks to the block forever
Until you destroy the block or the piston.
Stairs work exactly the same way
I activate the switch here and the stairs pop out.
I can go up ...
And for security and esthetic reasons, I'd like to
Be able to fold back these stairs in the wall
But the switch here doesn't work ... Yet if you check there
the circuit is activated and connected to the stairs circuit
It doesn't work because of the redstone circuit design
Down there, the first circuit activates the stairs
And this switch here is useless because first circuit is activated
And If I go back there... it does work.
Then how can we work around this? There are various options..
Flip-flop or other redstone stuff...
But I prefered an X-OR gate.
It's a logical gate whose info can be found on the Minecraft wiki
I won't detail how it works; it's not our business here.
Just know there are 2 entries, that I will connect now
And the second entry is here
Connected to each of the switches
and here, the X-OR gate exit
Which goes above the circuit
and powers the stairs circuit
If I activate this, it works well
And if I go up ...
It also works.
Let's see in details the stairs circuit
It's pretty simple: a redstone line
with a repeater on each floor
To avoid redstone crap:
If you put 2 redstone pieces here,
They'll be linked wrongly.
Moreover, repeaters allow something nice and funny:
If I shift repeaters a bit
I'm gonna have a "delay" effect
in the stairs, it's nicer
I hope it's been useful
Good game to ya'll. Bye.