Stuck at Prom 2012 and Seventeen Magazine

Uploaded by theduckbrand on 29.02.2012

Hi it’s Mariana, your resident 0:00:02.320,0:00:03.360 seventeen style pro
back with another amazing
DIY project to get you inspired for prom season
we’ve partnered with duck brand duct tape in celebration of their 12th annual
stuck at prom scholarship contest
and today
I'm going to show you how to make this
one of the kind of customizable clutch with the surprise patterned lining
eye catching embellishments
you can be sure no one else at prom will have a bag like yours
first a list of things you will need to get started
two duck brand duct tape sheets
three duck brand duct tape rolls
a pair of scissors
sticky back, Velcro, hook & loop fasteners embellishments like these
flat back gems
and a hot glue gun & glue stick
choose duct tape colors and prints that best matches your prom look or theme
decide what colors or patterns you'd like for your clutches front, back, side
ruffles, seams, and lining
I went with the black, silver, and hot pink color scheme
and a skull and cross bone lining
for an unexpected twist
start with two duct tape sheets
one sheet is for the front panel of the bag, the other for the back. Feel free to
match the front and back panels
i went with the chrome front panel and a black back
trim about a third of the length from the front panel
pill off the paper lining from the back of the front panel
I find it easier to do this on the cutting or measuring mat but you should
be fine as long as you have a flat working surface
make sure to keep the duct tape sheet flat as you go, sticky side up
take your lining pattern and cut strips of duct tape that overhang the panel, start
with your first strip down the center
sticky side to sticky side
and overlap each strip as you work your way out to either side of the front panel
cover the entire sticky side of the front panel off. Pill the
front panel off the mat and trim the excess lining with your scissors for your
finished front panel, to create the back panel
pill the paper backing off a full size duct tape sheet
and repeat the previous steps, lining the sheets with duct tape, now it’s time to create
the clutches sides and bottom
I went with the fun zebra print as a contrasting pattern, use your front panel as a
measuring guide and cut strips of duct tape rolls for the sides and bottom
measure to same lengths in the lining tape and stick together, I always like to air
a little on the longer side so I can trim any extra off for an exact fit
now we can begin assembling the bag for this design I chose neon pink tape to join all the
this will contrast nicely with the zebra print, cut strips of duct tape always
airing on the long side
that are long enough to seam each panel
Take each strip and using your hands
quickly rip them length wise, down the middle to create thinner strips for the seams
joined the bottom edges of the front and back panels with your ripped hot pink 0:02:51.189,0:02:55.359 duct tape strips, and trim any extras so they’re flushed with the edges of the front
and back panels
do the same to connect the front and side panels
fold the clutches side panels up to create the corners
Cut and rip small pieces of duct tape secure the corners and trim
once you’ve secured both side panels, it’s time to add ruffles
take a long strip of duct tape
I'm choosing to use the zebra print pattern to match the sides and bottom of the bag
cut a piece slightly longer than twice the length of the area that you want
the ruffle to cover, fold the strips sticky side together but leave about a
quarter of a inch of the adhesive exposed along the edge
beginning on one side stick the ruffle on the bottom of the front flap
of the clutch and fold pleats in about one inch increments until you reach the
other side, trim any extra and use according piece of seam tape to reinforce
and flatten the first ruffles repeat the previous steps by placing a second ruffle
above the first
overlapping slightly now secure the second ruffles top edge with another
ripped strip of duct tape, you can add as many ruffle layers as you like
but I stopped at three to leave room for additional embelishments
Cut a strip of velcro sticky back hook and loop fastener and stick on to create a closure
for the clutch
now fold in half
now your free to embellish your clutch with additional add ons
you can add russets
buttons or get creative with other shapes and layers with duct tape sheets
i personally love all things sparkly so I'm gluing on some flat-back gems
various shapes and colors as my finishing touch
and that’s it, your all set to rock out at prom with your very own one of a kind customized clutch
and don't forget about duck tape brands stuck at prom scholarship contest
where students enter
their best
duct tape prom looks
for the chance to win a five thousand dollar cash prize
That’s ten thousand dollars for the winning couple and another five thousand for there
check it out at for more info