Piratenpartij campagnefilm 2012

Uploaded by gverweijen on 19.08.2012

Perhaps you have already heard of the Pirate Party.
That party with that special name.
If you still think that the Pirate Party is only concerned with downloading, you should definitely keep watching.
We introduce to you: Dirk Poot.
Hello I'm Dirk Poot, leader of the Pirate Party: 'list number 11'.
Besides party leader, I'm also an entrepreneur.
With my medical background I program mainly medical applications.
The Internet is something extremely important in your daily life.
When you wake up you check your mail on your mobile phone,
also working or studying happens mostly online.
When you do your banking, it happens mainly through Internet,
your news is coming from the Internet,
and when you communicate with your friends, it mainly happens online.
The Internet is a very important topic for the Pirate Party.
The Internet is the most important communication tool of our time...
...and thats why the Pirate Party wants to keep the Internet free and uncensored.
Healthcare expenses are increasing.
Existing parties only see solutions in raising the deductible...
...or lowering the salaries of medical personel.
But the real problem is not addressed:
These are the patents on medicine.
Because of the patents medicines are sold for much and much more than they actually should be costing;
sometimes up to a hundred times more.
The Pirate Party wants to abolish pharmaceutical patents.
This saves billions that could be spent on healthcare...
...and on research and development of new medicines which we then can produce together.
This will release the pressure on healthcare.
When we are talking about privacy, some people say:
When you've got nothing to hide there is nothing to worry about.
But when you leave your house in the morning, you do lock your door.
Not because you have something to hide, but to protect your valuable posessions.
Privacy is nothing less than your right to protect your valuable private data.
Because who wants to share what you tell your doctor?
Who is allowed to know how much you earn?
If you have ever driven through a red light?
How often you use your weed-pass?
The government wants to know more and more about us and looks over our shoulder all day.
As from September the 12th Dirk Poot is the leader of the Pirate Party in the Netherlands.
Internet is transnational and many laws that effect the Dutch citizens are based on agreements between countries.
An international approach to the protection of civil rights is necessary.
That is why the Dutch Pirate Party is part of the international Pirate movement,
together with more than 60 other Pirate Parties.
Go vote on September the 12th and do your bit for an open Internet and in the interest of your privacy and civil rights.