DriftBlog.pl - Karolina Pilarczyk - Polish Drift Girl - Reportaż - 2012

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My name is Karolina Pilarczyk.
I'm the only woman in Poland, who drives in drifting competitions.
My adventure with drift I started in 2004, when on Sprint Car Association 1/4mile competition Maciek Polody was doing a Drift Show,
at the time I had a chance to sit in the car and feel what driving sideways really is.
when that time drift for me was a total abstraction.
I've never heard of drift, that discipline was absolutly new to me.
However I instantly was in love with it, I decided that i will be driving sideways.
In that time i was driving in KJS (Car Driving Competition)
when i allways loved to draw the E-brake, and it drove my pilot mad
it ended up that... when i saw that this rely on control sideways, I decided to buy a car with rear-wheel drive
and start my adventure with drift
which i did, because i bought a car year later in 2005,
unfortunately for the next few years I couldn't afford for building anything,
but in about 2007 I made the first attempt to build my first drift car.
in year 2008 i bulid my car professionaly for drift
When it comes to my car, it was a fortuity that i choose BMW
I've never been a big fan of BMW, of course I was worked a little stereotypically,
but it is actually a car which, how you once get in it, you don't want to leave it.
and so it was. I saw my friends BMW e36 328 then, with 2.8l engine.
When I got in it and drove it I decided to have same one
which I did, I bought the car.
At first I thought that i will drift in it, but for a long time i didn't want to damage it
and for the first week i wasn't gettin out of this car, because..
experiences were incredible.
but in one moment i said "that was the point, i wanted to drive in drift, we must build a drift car"
We started to modifying that BMW.
and so how it was. but in some point i decided i want to have more power.
First i thought of replacement an engine, but it ended up with buing a hole now car.
M3 with 3.2l engine.
and this car i started to prepare specially for sport more professionally
However R6 3.2l wasn't to good engine for me because i had to push it to the limit to have some power
so than of course we thought about V8, and somebody came up with a great idea to put Ls engine
because it is V8 engine, very powerfull, 5.7l and for a very good price.
show must go on!
I will never forget the moment when i first heard the Ls engine
how sounds and runing 5.7l V8.
it was an amazing feeling, amazing sound
and then the ride with it, which of course was very satisfying
it was very easy to drive with such an engine. It didn't take much to do to achieve more power, get more out of this engine
and that's Ls. That's why we love these engines.
becouse they are powerfull, prospective and developmental.
at the moment I have Ls3 6.2l in the car, V8 ofcourse.
It's incredible, it's fenomenal.
like a hart, when it beats everybody get on their knees, becouse it's realy wonderful.
i'm not hideing that the Drift Costests are huge undertaking.
It's not easy to put together professional work and Drift Costests, logistic, prepering the car
Here the Driver is..
a smaller part of the bigger project.
infect i have a great team, which help me a lot
Great Mechanics, who may now don't like me too much, because They have to walk around in pink shirts for the car.
But still thay are doing a great job.
Preparing the car allways befor every contest,
checking that's everything it's okay.
preparing Tires, preparing logistics, departure , tow truck.
well that's a big project, where without support of many many people it would be very difficult
My Family for a long time was takin it with a large distance.
to my play with drifting and earlier with rallies.
for the long time they thinked that this is some my whim
however after 10 years thay realized that's for real.
now they are really happy about it
I have a wonderful situation at home, becouse my partner
is my Mechanics , my Manger. So he deals with all this matters.
there is no conlict where he says "why are spending more money for the tires, engines?"
there is no such things. quite the opposite, we sit together
everything is established together.
so there is no dilemmas titled
"in this weekand we would like to go to the sea and not on competitions"
There is not. We always go on competitions.
So truly the family and support of Friends and Man
are really really Helpful.
In Wodzisław Śląski it was my firs street round
and it was incredible, it made huge impression.
but this lack of comfort, that you can let yours self for some some mistakes
it provide much adrenaline and fun.
Round was very technically, very hard.
but I like it very very much.
I Think that my new stickers is realy phenomenal.
I really like pinks and womans touches.
I find that graphic designersa and people how worked with this
did a great job.
Yes. I'm totaly satisfied with how the car looks
because is conspicuously, many people draws attention to that car.
Many people says to my that this is te most beautiful car on the competitions.
So I think that we manage a big success here.
I would want to thank very much to my sponsors.
Which support as in competitions and whole that project.
Really without them would be very difficult
Thank You very very much in the name of whole team.