Japanese Amezaiku/飴細工 (Candy sculpture)

Uploaded by MyHusbandisJapanese on 17.02.2012

Have you heard of amezaiku?
No, what is it?
It's cool. He's a kind of shokunin* or something... *craftsman
He makes it look like uh... sometimes animals, sometimes...
Yeah, they're all [animals]...
Kangaroo, panda, dinosaur, monkey, goldfish...
...dragon, chicken, mouse, horse, uhh...
Koala, bear, snake, tiger...
Can you decide on one [an amezaiku]?
You came to see the naked men today, right?
Something different?
I came to see the amezaiku
No way! I bet you came to see the naked men
You can't help looking at their butts, right?
Anything more than that I shouldn't say
Or maybe you came...
...to win the lottery... [some people make wishes at hadaka matsuri]
It's my favorite animal
Favorite animal? The octopus?
Not for eating?
I don't ever eat octopus
You eat it? You eat octopus?
No, I don't
Get her some good takoyaki, take her to a nice restaurant
Does she know what's in takoyaki? Octopus!
She likes octopus as an animal, not food
He's so nice! [octopus wasn't on the list]
I love owl! [he was making owls for free with some orders]
[but that's not what he's making now]
That's called hachimaki, do you know what that is?
It's like a hair band, a head band... a forehead... band...
It's an octopus with hachimaki