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of the news today Wednesday 21st January Roman nobleman's face recreated using 2,000-year-old
skull Pensioners care £75,000 cap, still have to
sell homes. Mourners mourn the wrong crime in Wales
Islamic Success Story at German Universities British Paedophile jailed for paying Bulgarian
parents for their sons. Troops Patrol Paris Streets after Terror Threat
Obama Could Not Pass a Background Check Weíre only after the Christians say the Algerian
Terrorists Thought for the Day ñ Leave ëem to it!
And finally ñ A truly Hippy Chick! UK NEWS
Scientists have digitally recreated the face of a Roman nobleman using a 2,000-year-old
skull found in a British fortress. Archaeologists believe the mystery Roman may have been wealthy
and had possibly retired from the Army when he died aged about 40. His skeleton in a stone
coffin was unearthed near Newport, South Wales, not far from the Roman fortress at Caerleon.
Experts used the same technology as Police to discover how the face belonging to a murder
victim's skull would look but this is the first time it has been used on someone who
lived 2,000 years ago. The finished portrait shows dark-haired handsome
man - likened to film star Sylvester Stallone and actor Richard Burton. The remains which
date from 200 AD were found by builders working on Newport University Campus 18 years ago.
Care Bill for Pensioners Capped at £75,000 ó but Thousands Will Still be Forced to Sell
Their Homes. Pensioners will have their long-term care
bill capped at £75,000, it was reported today. Under Coalition plans, the elderly will get
state protection against never-ending care home fees for the first time, but they will
have to take out private insurance to cover them up to the new limit. Pensioners will
still have to pay care bills up to £75,000 with campaigners for the elderly fearing that
thousands of families will be forced to sell their homes.
In the summer of 2010, mourners lined the streets of Wales's capital city to pay tribute
to a seven-year-old boy killed in a house fire. In fact, Yaseen Ali Ege was brutally
beaten to death, and then set alight with barbecue fuel. By his mother. For failing
to learn the Koran. Over the preceding months, Mom had used a stick, a rolling pin, and a
hammer on her son, but, despite these incentives, he had memorized only a couple of pages. And
so she killed him, and subsequently declared she felt "100 percent better."
This month, at Cardiff Crown Court, Mrs. Ege was sentenced and jailed by Mr. Justice Wyn
Williams for what he declared "a dreadful crime" that had inflicted "a good deal of
pain" on an innocent boy. The judge, however, was discreet enough not to pass comment on
more basic cultural questions. He had no view on whether or not being forced to learn the
Koran is an appropriate educational priority for a "Welsh" schoolboy, so long as the parental
hammer and kerosene remain locked up in the tool shed. Nor on whether a child so raised
can be a fully functioning member of Western society. Yaseen's headmistress at Radnor Primary
School, Ann James, called him "a delightful little boy and beautifully behaved who always
had a smile on his face," and forbore to mention that on the day of his murder he had been
kept home from class and the "teddy bears' picnic" because his mother felt he needed
to focus on his Koranic studies. A W@8 reporter said "perhaps the punishment
should match the crime and its methods"
EUROPEAN NEWS Islamic Success Story at German Universities.
New Islamic theology courses at German universities are proving highly popular, even abroad. The
courses were announced only three years ago, but they are already changing the German religious
landscape. Islamic theology is finding its place in German universities at a pace which
is surprising many. German academics even speak of Germany acting as a magnet for talent
from other European countries. ìThereís never been such a process before
at European universities,î says Reinhardt Schulze, who teaches Islam at the University
of Berne in Switzerland. Lecturers at German universities, speaking at a meeting of experts
with the German parliamentary education committee, said they were convinced that there would
be a rapid increase in the teaching of Islam. A W@8 reporter states ëThis is no surprise,
firstly Islam is the new Fascism and secondly there are more Muslim students in throughout
Europe in general ñ so really although frightening it is no shockí
British Paedophile Jailed for Paying Poor Bulgarians £60,000 to Sexually Abuse Their
Sons. A British paedophile who paid impoverished parents in Bulgaria £60,000 to sexually abuse
their young sons has been jailed for four years.
Paul Renoufís victims were just 11-years-old and were handed over to him for weekends and
holidays, a Bulgarian court heard. The parents had increasingly relied on the divorced dad-of-threeís
money for food and he even bought them a house. Neighbours tipped off police, and officers
caught the 63-year-old in a sex act with one of the boys when they raided his home in the
central city of Veliko Tarnovo
Troops Patrol Paris Streets After Terror Threat. France has deployed 700 troops in and around
Paris, Interior Minister Manuel Valls revealed on Tuesday in the latest indicator of mounting
concern over potential reprisals for military intervention in Mali. Leaders of the militant
Islamist groups under attack in the West African state have warned that France has ìopened
the doors of hellî by unleashing its warplanes and have called on fellow extremists to hit
back on French soil. Valls said everything possible was being done
to ensure that did not happen, while cautioning that the threat posed by foreign and home
grown extremists had existed long before French forces went into action in the former colony.
In terms of evaluating the risk, we have to be prudent. But our interior and exterior
intelligence services are being extremely vigilant.î
Most homosexuals donít want to ëmarryí or adopt
In an article by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman on LifeSiteNews.Com Nathalie de Williencourt
the co-founder of a new French homosexual organization, Homovox says that most homosexuals
do not want to marry or adopt children, and are not supporters of the socialist government's
proposed legislation to create homosexual "marriage." Ms Williencourt says she decided
to create the group as a result of her frustration over a vocal homosexual lobby that has been
unquestioningly accepted as the mouthpiece of all of the country's homosexuals.
She has previously stated ìmany gay people do not recognize the claims of gay lobbies.
This is why the collective was formed, to enable them to express themselves
freely in a highlight of the opposition to "marriage for all."
Many of homosexuals Williencourt knows "don't have any desire to marry nor to adopt.
ìThey don't feel represented by activists that they haven't chosen, who steal the stage
from a silent majority," she told the French magazine Christian Family. "Many feel belittled,
mistreated by this array of demands that stigmatize them." Williencourt's claims are supported
by statistics from many jurisdictions that have created homosexual "marriages," "civil
unions" and other such arrangements. In Spain it is estimated less than 3% of Spain's homosexuals
have availed themselves of "marriage" during the seven years of its availability. In the
liberal Netherlands, only eight percent of homosexuals were "married" in 2011.
WORLD NEWS Obama Could Not Pass a Background Check. President
Barack Obama could not pass a background check if he was applying for a gun permit or a job.
Why has this man been allowed to remain in office or take the oath for a second time?
During the 2008 campaign, it was known that: His official, long form birth records were
SEALED. His Occidental College records were SEALED.
His Columbia College records were SEALED. His Harvard College records were SEALED. His
College thesis ó SEALED. His Harvard Law Review articles ó SEALED. His Indonesian
adoption records ó SEALED. His passport file ó SEALED. His medical records ó Unavailable.
His baptism records ó Unavailable. His papers from his service in the Illinois legislature
ó Unavailable. His Illinois State Bar Association records ó Unavailable and the birth certificate
that the White House released is reputed by document experts to be false.
Indonesia: Muslim authorities threaten to shut down six Christian schools for not teaching
Islam Jakarta Municipal authorities in Blitar, a
town in East Java province, are threatening to shut down six Catholic schools "by 19 January"
if the latter do not provide Islamic courses and readings of the Qur'an to their Muslim
students, in accordance with regional bylaw. The six Catholic schools at risk are the Diponegoro
Catholic High School, the Catholic Vocational Training High School, Saint Mary KG, Saint
Mary Elementary School, and Yos Sudarso Catholic Elementary and Yos Sudarso Catholic Junior
High School. The schools received the municipal injunction
in the final days of 2012, but their administrators have refused to comply with the directive
by 19 January. So far, school administrators have not released any official statement on
the matter because of the sensitive nature of the issue. Before expressing any opinion,
they are set to take part in meetings with Catholic leaders.
Sources within the schools note however that Muslim students and their families had accepted
their teaching programmes "without complaining." No one has ever "objected on religious grounds".
In fact, it has been a long established practice that Indonesia's private Christian schools,
including those run by the Catholic Church, are not required to offer courses on Islam
or readings of the Qur'an as in public schools. Instead, they provide courses and seminars
on Christianity and catechism. W@8 spokesman commented "And how many Muslim schools teach
Algeria: ëWeíre Only After the ChristiansÖí Minutes Later a Briton Lay Dead: Terrifying
Moment Gas Plant Gunmen Rounded Up Non-Muslims and Strapped Explosives to Their Necks. A
British security guard was murdered in cold blood just minutes into the siege at the Algerian
gas plant, an IT worker caught up in the hostage crisis has told The Mail on Sunday. The Algerian
employee, who managed to escape, has given the most detailed account so far of how Islamist
terrorists rounded up foreign workers during the four-day stand-off and placed explosives
round their necks. Following his escape, the IT worker contacted a friend who remained
in the camp and witnessed yesterdayís final onslaught by Algerian troops. Speaking under
condition of anonymity after the Algerian army told him not to talk, he said: ëThe
terrorists arrived at 5.10am on Wednesday in three vehicles and began firing at a bus.
A guard was shot and then another guard got out of a car and was instantly shot dead.
I believe he was the first Briton to die.í The IT worker recalled how the Islamists systematically
targeted Western employees. ëThe terrorists went to the alarm station, switched off the
alarms, and forced the deputy manager to show them where the expats were. The attackers
who were carrying Kalashnikovs and bombs went throughout the complex, seeking out expats
hiding, and forcing them into the circle.í He said more than 20 British workers ó whom
the terrorists called ëkuffarí, meaning non-Muslims ó were rounded up. He added:
ëUs Algerians were rounded up separately and were treated with kindness. We were told
that because we were Muslim we would not be killed, and it was only the Christians they
were after. A W@8 writer comments ëOf course they were no change there then.í
Thought for the Day- Just leave em to it! Having just read the news from the BP plant
in Algeria and the reports that the Algerian ministry announced that in total 32 kidnappers
and 23 captives had died in this terrible siege which started last Wednesday we can
also gauge that it was the Christians that these men were after. If you have seen the
pictures of those ëChristiansí cowering on the ground with their hands up I think
we can all agree that whilst not all Muslims are fanatics most of todayís fanatics are
Muslims. This picture will not be alone in the future, I foresee many more to come and
all with the blessing of their prophet Mohammed, may the fleas of a thousand camels and so
Having watched a very good film last night covering ëhome growní Islamic terrorism,
one very important message came over ñ and it was not the one I originally thought. Firstly,
the jihadists are becoming more militarised and seem to be justifying their terrible actions
more vociferously than ever. They whine that their countries have been crushed underfoot
by the west and ëtheirí women and children are dying and what the West has done to them
and theirs! Now, I am not for us Brits getting involved in so called foreign wars but facts
are facts, for whatever reason and they are legion, we have got involved in Iraq and Afghanistan
ñ and I think I can say in truth that more of ëtheir peopleí have been killed by ëtheirí
people than western soldiers have killed ëtheirí people!
Our government and media have stupidly encouraged the Arab Spring in Libya, Egypt and now are
gunning for Syria and still it is Muslims killing Muslims, although they may be of a
different sect ñ I thought that Islam was not a sectarian religion, however I am obviously
wrong. So, we have our very own home grown morons spouting lies from the comfort of the
homes provided by the ëkuffarsí and happily accepting benefits given out by the ëkuffarí
government which they so despise, whilst still tweaking and twittering to their fanatical
friends in between making very good use of the free education, free healthcare and relatively
free society to which they migrate ñ we all are apparently going over to their original
countries which they left in itís hour of need and killing off all the relations they
left there, which by my reckoning is virtually none! All absolute nonsense, when seen in
the cold light of day outside the mosque. In fact most of this rhetoric is used just
to fire up the stupids who still go home to Slough or Tower Hamlets.
Surely no one, even our blind politicians really think that the vast majority of immigrant
Muslims over here give their allegiance to our Queen and Country ñ whatever honours
we seem to heap on their heads? These people are, however very, very busy over here. They
are busy making our homeland into their homeland with the well financed and greasy palmed building
of mosques and shops dedicated to Islamic goods, as well as taking over and buying road
upon road of houses and giving them to their relations to enable them to breed more good
Muslims, who owe their loyalties to firstly Islam and secondly the countries that they
originated from .
My point being, if Muslims especially do not like England or the English and seem to think
our way of life is odd and they are so very hard done by in the western world ñ why leave
the country of their birth? (as originally down the line all immigrants by virtue of
the title were not borne in the UK). Surely the western world cannot be made to pay for
the ills of all Muslim run countries around the world? It is about time they took responsibility
for their own shortcomings and those of their various governments for the result of the
disastrous Arab Spring which is more like a nuclear winter! In fact Cameron has warned
of an Islamic war in North Africa that could last for decades ñ well sorry to have said
I told you so but I did. When Libya was the first inspiration for western backed Islamic
fundamentalists ñ you get rid of one dictator and a hundred spring up, rather like the Gorgons
As Muslims are busy effing up their own countries and other peoples, the UK must seem like a
haven of idiots for not only accepting vast numbers of these parasites but trying to be
seen to ëwelcomeí them. They have it easy in the UK despite their bleatings and protests
believe me. If the sexual predators that perpetrate the Muslim sexual abuse of our minors in England
- were in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh ñ and targeted Hindu or Sikh children - I donít
think that those authorities would turn a blind eye to these men as our Police do, simply
because they are Muslim.
To watch BBC is rather like watching Al Jazeera in English and you know what us nationalists
think of Question Time but Rachel Bull is my sort of lady. She had the audacity to tell
it like it is and she was very diplomatic about it, but truth is truth and she is right
in saying that her home town of Boston is ëlike a foreign countryí. In truth this
country is now a multicultural hell hole waiting to explode. She spoke on behalf of Lincolnshire
and I am sure everyone could identify with her comments despite the fact she is a liberals
dream having Polish ancestry. Peterborough has an increase in the local birth rate of
45.6% from 2002 ñ 2011. Boston 53.5% - the other areas bringing on a crisis on the maternity
wards are Watford, Slough, Barking & Dagenham, Bristol, Bournemouth and Southampton. Much
of this increase is eastern European and the forthcoming influx of Romanians and Bulgarians
will not win hearts and minds in Lincolnshire or indeed anywhere else in this beleaguered
On my original subject a letter was sent to me and the contents are the title of the Thought
today, leave em to it and I agree. I quote:
Pull All Westerners Out, And Let the Camp of Islam Sink. by Hugh Fitzgerald
Donít work in Muslim countries, donít help them. Let them try to extract the gas and
oil themselves, or pay extravagantly ó five, ten, twenty times what they now pay ó to
the implacable Chinese, who will bring their own troops and their own ways of protecting
themselves. Donít supply the rich little Arab sheiklets with doctors and nurses, with
engineers and teachers. Donít let them rent bits and pieces, local phony succursales,
of Western civilization ó the Louvre, for example, or well-known universities ó which
allows them to pretend to themselves and to the world that, indeed, civilization is rentable,
and theyíve got the money. Let their primitive condition be un camouflaged from view.
They are helplessly dependent on the West. Remove those Westerners. Donít send tourists,
who will only be targets, sooner or later, for Muslim terrorists as they are, as of now,
targets for baksheesh-demanders of every kind. Separation. The would-be natural victim will
cease to help his natural victimizer. The advanced non-Muslim world right here, and
Islam ó the Camp of Islam ó over there. Why should the potential victim help his potential
ó or actual ó implacable enemy (see Qurían, see Hadith, see Sira) in any way?
This letter is bringing up the subject of putting the Islamic world on hold or boycotting
it - a method used throughout the ages to discourage foreigners, foreign invasions and
some wars. We did the same in England with the Huguenots and the Flemish weavers, the
Saxons followed this code with the Normans and probably with the poor old Romans, would
we use this method in this country now or will we be forced to? Boycotting is not a
natural British thing to do, and it would take foresight, guts and a government fully
behind you to do so. But the writer is correct ñ the western world has become selfish and
greedy and unable to see the bigger picture ñ it must be somewhere in the Art of War
how to hoist your enemies with their own petard. We need to do something before we are all
taken to the cleaners literally, but more of that in my next Thought on Wednesday.
And finally ñ a Hippy chick! Woman with world's largest hips insists 'big is beautiful'. Plus-size
model and part-time carer Mikel Ruffinelli, whose hips measure more than eight feet in
circumference, says she has no plans to lose weight. Mrs Ruffinelli, 39, was an athletic
teenager who had no problems with her weight. She first started noticing that her hips were
growing at the age of 22, just after the birth of her first child. Although her waist measures
40 inches, her 100 inch hips hold the record for being the largest in the world.
ìSome people assume Iíve had surgery to enhance my body shape ñ but itís all natural,"
she insisted. ìItís the result of having four children but having large hips also runs
in the family.î Mrs Ruffinelli has no plans to lose weight,
but she admitted that her size has occasionally caused her problems: "If I travel by plane
I have to buy two seats because the seats won't accommodate me, so it gets quite expensive."I
have to go through doorways sideways, and I can't close the shower door because my hips
get in the way." The mother of four, who lives in Los Angeles, believes that her attitude
to life proves that big is beautiful. This presenter says ëMikel, despite her Italian
name is black and bless her heart she has the classic big booty of the African female.
In days gone by her shape was considered the height of beauty in Africa and she is right
in saying it is in her genes, because it is. I believe the medical name is steatopygia
and it is most evident in some of the various bush tribes which originated in South Africa.
You can always look it up under the Hottentot Venus which is rather similar to the German
Venus of Willendorf. But saying that she is definitely a very hippy chick!
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.