What If Don West Called A Match On Raw 2

Uploaded by ratedrsuperstar81 on 11.11.2009

Well fans this is what I like to see.
John Cena getting his ass kicked.
He tried to win earlier but, he didn't. Oh! Look at Chris Jericho!
Put's him right back in the ring!
Well one thing comes to mind when you see Mike Knox
He's a big guy!
He's a big guy that Mike Knox!
Hey look fans!
Do my eyes deceive me or is Cena selling?
He's like,
*Cena impression* Yo man I usually try to get in like 5 minutes of selling in each match, and then I gotta come back!!"
So this must be those 5 minutes?
Kane really pouring out the punishment and tags in Chris Jericho!
Jericho looking pretty good for, OH MY GOD! Did you see that?
Right under the rope!!
Chris Jericho's smiling.
Walking over to Coffee Kingston, Ahhh!
Oh, well I guess the 5 minutes of selling is over fans!!
Time for Cena to "Hulk Up" and come back!
He's gotta get one last sell in. Oh my God, what a move!
Jericho goes for the cover. One! Two!
That should have been a 3 count!
But I forgot, it's John Cena fans!
Don't forget No Way Out this Sunday.
Coffee and Rey look on.
As Cena
Is about to "Hulk Up" fans, let's watch!
Here it, here it comes fans!
Here it comes!
Oh there it is! The F-U! The F-U! Oh there it, Ohhhh what a reverse into a DDT!!!
I thought for sure John Cena had it fans!
Oh my goodness!
Here's the tag to Kane!
And the big man starts working on Cena!
Haa! Cena's like "Yo man!"
"Go easy on me man!!"
"Ohhh! Ohh that hurts!!"
Here's a 2, ahhhh!!
That was almost a 3 count again!
Near falls all over the place!!
And the ref checks Cena.
He's like "Nope, not time to oversell yet."
he needs to make the tag!!
Could it happen? Will it happen?
sooner or later
Jericho's like "Come on kick his ass Kane!!"
Kofi's like "Come on Kane, kick his ass!!"
And here comes Cena! Battling back, wow!
What a great--
what a great match!!
Oh there's a kick to the stomach!
And back down he goes!!
Cena's--Cena's like "Yo man, my 5 minutes of sellin' is up man!!"
Time for me to come back and
tag in Rey or Kofi Kingston man!
Oh my God! Here comes Kane! He's giving the signal! Here it comes! Here it comes! Here it comes!!
Oh God! Here it comes!
Ahhh! He missed it!! F-U!! Oh he got the F-U fans! Oh it's over! Oh it's over!
Cena's gonna get the pin!!
Oh this is unbelievable!!!
Come on Cena, make the tag!
You can do it!
Here it comes!
Here it comes! He's got the tag to Rey Mysterio!
Oh my God he jumped right on Chris Jericho!!
Here he comes again back around!! Wow what a hurracanrana!
Wow what a kick!! Oh!! Oh!!
And a reverse Irish Whip!!
Right into another hurracanrana!!!!!
Oh my God this is exciting-Whoa! Whoa!
Whoa, ahhhhh!! I love it!
Ahh! One! Two!
Ahh big man Mike Knox gets in and breaks the count up!
Oh! Fight back by Rey! Oh! He's going to the big man! Big man pushes him off the ropes
and he goes over the top!!
There's Jericho from behind!
Wow fans I didn't think this was gonna last any longer. Oh right to the corner!
And the tag to Coffee Kingston!
Brother's name is Sean.
Oh my God did you see what Kane did!!???
Oh! Wow fans!!
Coffee goes up!
And a punch to the face!
What the hell is he doing--OH MY GAAAWWD!! *high pitched*
I think I just turned into Joey Styles there for a second
One! Two! Three! Jericho gets the win! Jericho gets the win!!
Thank God!!
Oh wow! What an exciting match!
Jericho looks damn good after defending himself from some punk ass bitch who tried to
beat him up in a parking lot.
*James Hetfield laugh*
Jericho better get out of there before he gets his ass kicked by both of'em!
Well fans this has been exciting!
There's the lost Highlander
Mike Knox.
And Kane look on at Chris Jericho
Let's look at a replay
what we saw earlier, oh! A big dropkick by Rey Mysterio.
And Kane with a big chokeslam over the top rope!
Coffee Kingston, at his best, jumps over the ropes, jumps off the ropes, and right into a
Code Breaker!!
And Jericho,
for the 3 count
and the win!
Jericho is Raw fans!
Whether you believe it or not.
He's gonna win this Sunday.
Oh my God there's Stephanie McMahon!
What's she saying fans?
Look I know what I'm doing. (Not really)
Provoke him?? I'm not provoking Randy Orton by
showing up and being the General Manager of Raw.
Oh my God she showed up to provoke Randy Orton!
Look I heard what Randy had to say earlier, and
I don't trust Randy Orton.
Who does?
If he comes back here at all, security is not far away.
Look I promise you I--*interrupted* Look fans a picture of Razor Ramon on the wall!
*Razor Ramon* Hey yo! ....thanks.
We've got a lot going on this weekend, all of us do.
*snoring* okay.
You too--huh?
Oh fans! I'm sorry I fell asleep.
She still talking? She's still talking!
Well fans.
There's the great HBK!!
He's gonna take on Mark Henry!
The worlds strongest silverback!
What a great night fans!!