JESUS vs. ADOLF HITLER - Rap Battle #1 (Digges Ding Comedy)

Uploaded by diggesdingcomedy on 02.07.2012

"Digges Ding" presents The Greatest Rap Battles of all Times
This one is between G-SUS vs. MC ADI
Here he is, straight from "Battlehem". The Boss himself.
His contestant is this guy in the "right" corner, from Wolfsschanze.
Let's get it started with round 1: freestyle.
The Wannabe-Arian is gonna start. Kick it!
Everybody in the 049 (German tel. code), put your hands up if you follow me.
Everybody in the 049, I wanna see your hands up. Where are my people?
One, two, three and to the four. I'm Adolf Hitler, your "Führer" is at the door.
You and your disciples are just faggots.
But I'm hard as "Kruppstahl", the real Führer (leader).
What you talking bout being the Führer? Laughin' hard at ya!
Imma post my name only once, getting 1 million "likes" a day.
Greenhorn, you think you have followers?
You fag, I got more followers than Hitler.
Hold it - I got more followers than twitter!
What's that style about - long hair, and a fur/hide on your face.
Sandals as shoes, and a white-tee... XXXXXXXXL
With that Hitler-moustache your actin' like a boss.
Now look at me: full beard, live fast, die young. Rick Ross!
You're acting like being "real" in the cypher.
But everyone here knows: your rhymes are written by a "holy ghost-writer".
- Jesus: Dude, he's always coming up with this line...
No style, no flow, not even German, yo.
Austrian-toy, Money Boy (Austrian Rapper). No homo, you're a No-Go.
You're whack, you're low. Cheesy, not dope.
So now chill out, Bro. Do it "Easy" like Cro (German Rapper).
You spread fear through weather, rain and hail.
I'll scare you. Only with two bars and a nail.
Your "Kampf" versus my "Bible". You Punk. I wrote a bestseller. - Hitler: "Me too."
But you were indexed. I'm on the throne. All time number 1 on Amazon.
One-on-One, that's 1 against 1.
I'm on my own, you are three: Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.
High Five...
You wanted the world, but the world is mine. Look how I shine, halo-time.
You hate Jews as hell. I make water to wine.
I don't only walk over water. I even moonwalk over it.