Chris Darby, Imperial College student - It Gets Better Today

Uploaded by stonewalluk on 15.11.2010

Hi, my name is Chris Darby and I’m a student at Imperial College London.
My message to you is that coming out does not have to be a big issue.
When I was at school I had a few close friends who I came out too.
A lot of them where fine with it, a couple where a bit unsure and
it took a little time for them to come round but eventually I think
everyone finds that there is no real problem to be had.
If you are at school you shouldn’t be afraid to come out,
maybe to a friend, a couple of friends and then more people if you feel comfortable.
If not, I’m sure there is a teacher you could talk to and if you
are being bullied, that’s not something you have to tolerate.
When I went to university I was very anxious about meeting
loads of different new people from all across the world.
You have different friendship groups in your halls, your course
and any societies you might join and there are loads of
different people which is a great chance for you to meet new
people, but also there is the concern, the worry of coming out to them.
This doesn’t have to be a problem. I’m sure in conversation
someone will say something like ‘have you got a girlfriend’.
You can turn round to them and say actually ‘no, i don’t like
girls’, or ‘I prefer boys’, it’s not a problem, and you shouldn’t
have a problem with it. If you’re not confident in doing it then
you can seek help from other people. Most universities have
LGBT societies,there is always welfare support and counselling
at university and you shouldn’t be worried about
approaching them for help and guidance. I joined my LGBT
society and I’ve seen massive change in my university.
Over the last two years the society has doubled in size
and Imperial College London has been ranked in the Top 100 Stonewall Employers.
It gets better today, we can make it happen.