Kim Sung Kyu Interview [Eng Sub]

Uploaded by KoreaBillboard on 17.12.2012

This is my first solo album and that is why the album is titled “Another Me.”
The title derives from the purpose of this album, which was to show a different side of myself.
The album contains music that I want people to listen to because I collaborated with my senior Nell, who I highly respect as they have been a huge influence to me since I was young.
I feel happy and honored that I was able to show Kim Sung Kyu’s individual musical colors apart from the image as a member of INFINITE.
I did feel a lot of freedom [haha], but rather than feeling freedom, I had more fun.
I tried new things before as a member of our group, but since this was a new challenge with a rock feel, it was more independent.
Because it was new, I was able to enjoy the new challenge.
I approve 100%! I’ve been rooming with him before our debut so it’s been a while and it never changed.
I can say 100% because he never comes home haha, just kidding.
Woohyun is a friend-like younger brother who cheers me on a lot.
I think I talk a lot about Woo Hyun because he fully supports me. It’s because I like him!
I didn’t miss them because I was working on both solo and INFINITE activities.
We could live separately since there’s so many of us, but all 7 of us live together.
We could live separately since there’s so many of us, but all 7 of us live together.
I don’t really miss the members because they’re always come and support me during my solo activities and we also perform together.
I’d appreciate it if you don’t get the wrong impression of my choice/selection.
The best track on my album is “41 Days,” which is the first track I ever wrote lyrics for.
I think the track’s melody fits well with me. For that reason, I think it is the best. The other tracks are just as great, so thank you.
The best INFINITE track is “Hysteria” from our second mini-album because it is the most regrettable one.
It is not the best, but it is a track that leaves me the most regret.
It was a track that I wanted to perform and show during our promotional activities, but it got overshadowed by our track “BTD.”
We were only able to show a short performance of the song during our comeback stage.
There are a lot of artists I like, but I would love to work with my senior Nell.
It was an honor to work with them.
I would also like to work with the band Pia.
It’s been a very meaningful year for me. It was a time for me and my group to mature.
I had the chance to release my first solo album, and as a group (INFINITE), we had our first exclusive concert, and held arena tours in Japan.
So that is why I enjoyed it. I hope 2013 is just as meaningful as 2012.
This has been INFINITE’s Kim Sung Kyu. Thank you.