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I remember being in the car seat when I was a kid, we would flop all over the back seat. Nowadays, my kids know the car doesn’t move unless the seatbelt’s on
People used to be smoking right at the nurses’ station - the younger staff is just appalled at the idea
It’s amazing - it’s just amazing how times have changed
All babies were typically lined up in a nursery, only brought to their mothers every four hours
We know that breast feeding has very important
medical benefits for both mothers and babies When I first came in to be assessed
on the wall there’s all the benefits of breast feeding. She is a day and almost three hours old
record for a celebrity doctor told everybody in the room
that we are gonna do skin to skin. Mothers and babies were meant to be together
Babies remain much calmer when they’re with their moms, especially when they’re skin to skin
Sickness and disease cost a lot. Is anyone saying things are fine the way they are?
We can’t afford not to make better choices. A lot of the options that we have today
they’re unhealthy but they’re normal. On average
food travels 1000 miles to get to your plate. If you’re going to be teaching
people how to eat right
and live a healthy lifestyle - you also have to provide access to the very
food we’re teaching them to eat
This is 1800 square feet - which would be equivalent to two to three acres
I picked it this morning and
it actually comes out of a hydroponic greenhouse Right when you eat it
it’s almost like you picked it out of a field. When you’re in an urban area
land becomes much more
of an issue, we’re trying to find ways, really innovative ways
to grow in small spaces
We can bring food where they’re working or going to school
we can really provide access
This is how we grow. This is how it gets to the table
This is how we prepare it
This is how you digest it
If the community comes together, it can happen
They can play baseball, they can play soccer
When I was a kid, I came home from school and my mother would say
'go outside and play.'
Kids don’t have the opportunity to do that anymore
Parents can’t feel comfortable having their kids outside
especially if the neighborhoods are dangerous. What can we do for them?
Let’s shape up our streets, our schools, our communities
We have a fast-paced life
you have to make good choices
If you can’t take care of the inside of you, you can’t take care of the outside
Trying to hit them from every angle and eventually
If you can’t pronounce, like
what’s on the back of it, you shouldn’t eat it
Kids learn in a different way right now
Yoga in a school is not a new concept
We care enough to do one little thing and one little thing will initiate
and spark new ideas
We don’t always have to do the same things
we’ve been doing. Can we do other
things that could help? Creating goals
that we aspire to and reach
We can be better, healthier. There’s something good going on here
New partners can always be on the side of good health
It has to be easier to be healthy. We need to make the healthy choice
the easy choice
It’s not something that’s gonna happen overnight. Do you wanna be healthy
You make it happen. There’s always a way
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