Hitler hates physics class

Uploaded by XenosXIII on 27.02.2010

Very well, physics practice question number 1.
A car with a mass of 2000 kg is traveling down a highway.
It is moving at a constant speed of 35.8 meters per second
What is the force, in Newtons, of the car?
Velocity and acceleration are the same. You simply multiply it by the mass....
Acceleration is zero since the speed is constant....
They are entirely different
Everyone that is not in AP Physics... please leave the room....
This is exactly why I will FAIL!
That stupid physics test! I am going to FAIL!!!
There is no reason I shouldn't understand these practice problems!
I trusted all of you to prepare me for this test!
You are all lousy study buddies! You didn't even bring PB and J!
How can I study for physics without my PB and J!?!
This is exactly why I failed Algebra 2!!!
Instead of helping me study, you were at the Tour De France, CYCLING!!
Sir, I went to the library to create a lesson plan I swear!
LIAR!!! I saw you on the TV, CYCLING!!!
Because of you, I had to study alone!
Sir, we SHOULD start the chapter on work and power.....
Why dont you tell me the amount of WORK done on YOUR PENCILS?!
I was hoping to make a 4 or 5 on the AP Exam..
,but your tutoring skills are the equivalent of rancid GARBAGE!!!
Do you have any idea how hard it is to come home from a long day of school?!
My daughter and wife are in college, while I am stuck in 11th grade!!
On top of that, you're all out and about when you could be helping me study!!!
The worst part about High School is that I was never assigned a locker...
Now I have to carry around all my books in some flimsy mesh book bag...
Did I mention it is impossible to walk up the stairs with that heavy book bag?
I'm constantly tripping with that mass of textbooks piggybacking the whole way!
This usually causes my pants to slide all the way down to my knees!
When I get to class, I am always greeted with the same stupid song.
I am SICK of this "looking like a fool with your pants on the ground" nonsense!!
It's ok dear, I think its a great song.....
The studying eventually became such a hassle that I had to quit my favorite job..
......no more Dairy Queen........
......no more free blizzards...
I could have prevented this if I had just joined Mr. Thompson's physics class..
Hell, you only need Algebra 2 credits....
Curse you Issac Newton...