[Interview] LUNAFLY First Interview at Soompi Headquarters!

Uploaded by soompi on 17.09.2012

Hello~ We're Lunafly!
My name is Yun, and I'm the vocalist and guitarist of this team.
Hello, I'm Teo. I'm in charge of bass, percussion, and the piano.
Hi, my name is Sam, and I'm the vocalist and guitarist of this group.
Tell us about your name Lunafly. Who came up with it? What does it mean?
So the name Lunafly is the name that we all came up with together.
And the meaning behind it really we kind of live by the motto that anything is possible
and with man being able to fly to the moon etc we really believe that anything is possible.
So that's the meaning behind Lunafly.
What kind of genre can we expect from Lunafly?
We've started our first album with acoustics, but we're thinking of something different for our next album.
Something with more instruments and lively sounds. I think you can expect a lot from us.
Which member is the most charismatic?
Our leader Sam has the most charisma.
But, surprisingly he's very mischievous and funny. He makes us laugh.
However, when it comes to music, you can really feel his charisma, both when we're practicing and performing.
How long did you prepare for your debut?
Yun and I have been preparing for about a year.
Sam joined us February of this year, and we've been practicing together as a team.
Sam, you're very good at Korean. Did you speak Korean at home, or is it something you've just recently started learning?
So when I was younger, I learned Korean from my mother, but it was very very simple Korean.
And when I came to Korea to do "Star Audition:Birth of a Great Star," I studied really really hard and managed to get my Korean up to scratch, I guess.
Yeah, I worked very hard to improve it.
What's the most recent Korean word you've learned?
Oh, so I've learned recent words like, from these guys,
words like jo-euh-dah (I like) and gyu-yo-mi (cutie)?
Words like this, I tend not to use. But yeah.
What advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are overseas but want to debut in Korea?
Advice that I could give...
Well, I wouldn't say that I have huge experience, but from the little experience I do have,
I would say most important thing is to really love music, that's certainly the most important thing.
And I think it's also equally important to love Korea
because if you're looking to debut here, a love for Korea and Korean culture is really important I feel.
What was your first impression of Yoon Il Sang when he was assigned as your mentor in MBC's "Star Audition: Birth of a Great Star?"
My first impression was admittedly a little scared.
He has, I guess, a fierce reputation, but my immediate reaction was...
I was very very excited because I knew I would learn lots from him.
So my immediate reaction was I was very excited.
Hi, this is Lunafly, we hope you guys like the new single "Superhero," and we hope to perform for you guys very very soon.
We are Lunafly~
Soompi~ Chaego~