Official World War Z Trailer Reaction Review by Some Random Asian Guy

Uploaded by RiceDaddyProd on 10.11.2012

What the HEEEELS!
Did you see these Zombies?!?!
Perhaps take another closer look...
OK what up geezers, I am a zombie/horror/psychological/I wanna watch good films fan. And
what I just saw or what looks like from the trailer of World War Z was a pack of wild
animals chasing after the new Apple product called the IMan!
Feel free to insert jokes here.
Anyways, I'm kind of a fan of Brad Pitt. And what I saw was not necesarrily pleasing...
The zombies are CGI? Whaaaaat!?
Ok, so out of all the zombie movies released in the US. I've never really seen a pack of
zombies in CGI before. Maybe that's the new fad that they're taking this movie into, or
Maybe because they were running short on money, or maybe the director probably has no idea
what the hell he is doing?
I mean, there are good zombie movies, such as 28 Days later, just to name one. Didn't
really need CGI. And It's still one of the best zombie movies ever made till this very
But I don't know. I did some googling and found out that the director of this movie
Marc Forster, and leading star Brad Pitt has some issue while shooting this movie for
those who didn't know.
Apparently Marc Forster and Brad Pitt don't agree on some things. They had to get new
writers to fix up the script, then reshoot them scenes. To make it worse, Brad and Marc
now use another human being to communicate towards each other.
I think this movie is pretty much going down hill. I mean, the director is like the
captain of the crew ship. It's job is to keep it's crew mate happy. And we all know when
we have to work with someone we don't like.
And then you mash that all together, the end product is usually crap that is
regurgitated out from a low chemistry, limited effort, piece of artwork.
But who knows, they might just pull out a lucky 7. But for now, I don't have my hopes
up too high.
I must leave now as I am hungry. Let me understand your thoughts on this movie below.
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