The Sandala Mandala System - Sandala Mandala Nizamı - نظام الصندله مندله

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The no mind people of this time, all of them
are enemies to the Sultanate.
What is put in all of their minds?
An expression has come to me, let me say it & you may laugh a little.
What is the attribute of the nations who rule the world today?
Sandala Mandala (Turkish Cypriot folk dance).
All these governing systems that they call "democracy"
are Sandala Mandala, nothing else. They have no value.
And it is for this reason that they have no value,
these peoples' system turned into Sandala Mandala.
There was the state of Ottomans, majestic.
Those who come after them are Sandala Mandala.
Does this term not fit them very well?
There is nothing right about them, none of them.
If there is a small quake, all of them will collapse.
We are hoping that our clever people take the rule &
"ati kulli dhi haqqin haqqa", they return the rights of every rightful one.
You want to erase the name of a glorious state of 700 years? How dare you?
It is a big dare. You destroyed, you destroyed the Ottomans &
what did you bring in their stead? You brought a Sandala Mandala State.
Its name is not known- it has no glory & no name
in any place. They have become beggars.
The currency of our glorious ancestors was gold & silver-
it was gold & silver Majidiya (coins).
These ones are using paper. Paper,
the numbers that are written on it have no meaning because it has no equivalent.
Therefore this came to my heart today, that all this dishonourable system
which they call democracy is the Sandala Mandala.
What is the Sandala Mandala? It is their system- the people are fighting,
killing each other in Egypt. Why? To establish a Sandala Mandala state.
Bring the
Master of the country! Bring the Sultan who carries the honour of the state!
You collect people from the streets!They are fighting one another in Alexandria.
They will fight even more. The old ones said:
"Ahmad comes from Egypt & the sword is drenched in blood".
Many things will take place.
All nations, all countries are fed up with this ruling system of theirs
because these ones don't know how to rule.
They don't know how to rule.
When one of them wants to buy a watermelon,
he says to the man who sells it "You choose for me.
You choose for me, I don't know how to pick the good ones.
You choose & give me a good watermelon".
Can these men who can't even pick a watermelon elect the one
who will rule the country?
We have a population of 80 million.
Now you elect 500 people out of this 80 million & put there?
And elect another 30 men out of this also for what they call the cabinet?
The cabinet is also Sandala Mandala.
There is no qualified man among them, none of them. But
in the Sandala Mandala system, "you are
the minister for sports. You are the minister for municipals.
You are
the minister of agriculture". And the man knows nothing about agriculture!
"You are the minister for villagers".. He doesn't know the needs of villains.
He closed the mountains, forests, made the people miserable.
He sent help to the Greeks when his people are hungry. Masha Allah!
The doings of the Sandala Mandala goverment.. It is he who established
this system in the beginning is the Sandala Mandala, doesn't know anything.
He doesn't know anything at all. We fell into this situation today &still
we can't wake up from this drunkenness. Insha Allah
there are some movements now which will awaken.
May Allah not make us from those who confirm this Sandala Mandala.
We will leave it & reach a good state.
We will leave it & become honoured. We will leave it & become glorious.
Sultan, the Sultan is coming.
When you say this word, Sultan, there is majesty even in its name.
They would make Juma ceremonies (when the Sultan goes to Juma prayer)
These ones removed the Juma holiday & brought Sunday. Are we unbelievers?
What relation do we have with sunday?
What was wrong with our Juma holiday that we used for all this time-
for 10 centuries, 15 centuries that, you are working half day on Friday
& Saturday which belongs to the Jews. Sunday is for Christians.
What do we have to do with this? They break us apart from our real
personality because Ottomans had honour.
Because of Ottoman's honour they didn't want them, wanted to destroy them.
Now all of them regret.
All of them regret now, can't find a way out of the mess. And how could they?
They left the Sultanate & established a Sandala Mandala system.
What they call democracy is the Sandala Mandala.
"What is this Sandala Mandala, O Mawlana?"
Well, I don't know its meaning. But the doings of these ones now are
the Sandala Mandala.
This democracy system is the Sandala Mandala. It's no good for anything else.
No one knows what it is.
Insha Allah soon they will come upside down because it has no foundation.
It is shaking, it is shaking everywhere.
Why did all the people run to the streets everywhere?
They can't find what they are looking for.
They can't find what they are looking for in this Sandala Mandala system.
Each one coming to power comes to fill his own pocket.
May Allah finish all men who are of this mentality.
We are in need of a Sultan. And this will happen.
There can't be any state other than Sultanate that can save us.
The Sultanate, the family of Othman, May Allah grant them mercy
and may those who ruined them be cursed. Fatiha.
He removed peoples' turban by force.
He removed the fez they were putting on, by force.
He hanged so many people (who opposed it).
What was the need for it? He made the people wear hat by force
& hanged thousands who opposed it.
What government? Sandala Mandala. This is not the action of a sober man.
May Allah make us far from them.
His evil is on their heads. They still can't understand this.
We have no man who can think because of all this fighting,
"this party, that party.." What party?
What party is this?
One nation,
one Sultan. Fighting with many parties is the doing of shaytan-
Sandala Mandala. Europe went corrupt also, US went corrupt also, Russia went
corrupt also, whole Middle East went corrupt.
They are left puzzled now about what to do. Leave the Sandala Mandala system.
Come to Sultanate, bring your Sultan.
That Sultan is the deputy of Allah on earth.
Dhillullah, he is the shadow of Allah.
These people are bewildered & puzzled.
He says "I am banning" - he banned the (Ottoman) letters in one night
& people were left puzzled, not knowing what to do. He says "It is prohibited,
Ottoman alphabet is prohitibed."
He had it changed so that our glorious history won't be known.
He changed to "A, b, c..". Why? There was no need for it.
He could have kept both.
There were already people who could write,
read Latin letters, or English language.
They could use it. Why did you force the people who don't need it
saying "you have to write with this only?" People don't know anything now.
All of them are ignorant ones, they are not aware of their history.
Allah, Ya Rabbi. Ghani/Rich Sultan.
May You send us a Sultan who will remove these junky Sandala Mandala groups.
May You send us a Sultan who will declare Your glory, who will
declare Your Beloved's honour, who will show great respect to Your Shariat.
Amin Amin Amin..Fatiha.
Is this good? How is it?
Can you keep this in your head?
This opened to me like this when I was sitting but I think it it true.
Yes? H.F. Of course it is true.
M. My son in law is a lion Masha Allah, you also.
It is different if he was wearing old Ottoman clothes, shalwars &
put the Ottoman crown on his head & this outfit is different.
H.F. This is the Sandala Mandala outfit. M. You like this term? H.F. Very good.
The outfit part also.M. Yes, because of their system, whole world has become
Sandala Mandala. How did it come to me all of a sudden, this Sandala Mandala?
Ladies are also on Sandala Mandala, all of them.
You like it? It came really nice. Fatiha.
If you speak of this, not for hours, days or months but for years
still can't finish, O son.
But it fit them very well! I don't know from where this Sandala Mandala
came to me. All of them want the Sandala Mandala system,
here it is, take it! Keep fighting each other.
An opening soon O Lord, O Lord!
Send the Sultan who will carry out the pure Shariat of Muhammad(s).
May the Ottomans come O Lord!
This fit very well. It can't work with this Sandala Mandala system.
Neither Cyprus, nor Turks, nor Russian, nor American..But the British
keep the old system.
The British did not leave their customs.
The others made "football" & threw away their customs to garbage.
Not even to garbage, they threw into WC. Tawba ya Rabbi.
This Sandala Mandala term is very nice.
The ladies also in Sandala Mandala say "we follow the fashion".
"On which system are you?" "According to the Sandala Mandala system
everyone will live following the fashion, with fashion clothes".
This fashion is something that shaytan invented.
They have made the women like prostitutes & their men like pimps.
What happened? Whole world is crushed & flattened in Sandala Mandala system.
Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah.
They (Sultans) would serve to the people but no more now.
Just like an adze, they cut & pull everything to their own side.
All who comes to power in the Sandala Mandala system are like adzes,
cut towards their side.
Nothing goes to the people. When he cuts, only to his side.
Nothing to the other side.
"...bashiru wala tunaffiru". Make the people happy, don't make them hate.
People hate each other. What is this? This is the Sandala Mandala system.
This has come out new, fresh.
"There is no reading Quran in the Sandala Mandala system."
Meaning, shaytan dominates at that time.
No one reads Quran in the Sandala Mandala system. What do they read?
They read curse & swearing at the ... who invented it.
Whole people are cursing each other in the Sandala Mandala, aman ya Rabbi.
And this is also a strong sohbat, it makes the people astonished.
They may post this. Ok.
Allah bless you.
We will remain until the Haqq comes insha Allah.
They won't take me half way insha Allah. I will stay
& make these ones' dirtiness wiped away and take bayat from Mahdi (as), then..
We will clean these insha Allah, these Sandala Mandala systems.
Ok, As-Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahu wa Barakatuhu.
La ilaha illa Allah, Sayyidina Muhammad Rasulullah.
Ok son, long live!