Despite - New EP Pre-Production 2013

Uploaded by DespiteOfficial on 23.01.2013

Timmy: Fart for me.. Fart in my face.. Right here..
Peter: Huh? Timmy: Fart in my face. Mercy, Oh no, what a fart you produced.. Just for me!
André: It's not easy being Estonian, but it's cool.
Peter: WTF are you doing!?
Peter: Timmy, can you please show us your beard? Timmy: Well, I'm gonna tell you. It began with... eeeehm...
Oscar: I've had pancakes!!
Peter: Damn, you look horny!
Peter: You're just sitting there in the background jerking off! Oscar: Yes, I've always been kind of a romantic.
Timmy: Sitting in the darkness, jerking off. Bla bla bla...
Oscar: Well, I was thinking... André: *FART!*
Peter: And then the pose! Timmy: Diplomat farter..
Oscar: That was the first time André farted this weekend. The rest: Hell no!
Peter: You looked damn horny when you did that! Timmy: Peter's gonna have to go home and jerk off soon, to fart porn..