Billy Joel - Interview "Singer / Songwriters"

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Everybody start on age sixteen,seventeen and eighteen.
You it's all have been a rock stars. Not really thought about been a artist. but been a rock'n roll star.
is one of the girls doing pretty good parading you know jumping on stage I do.
I didn't realize what's going on at the time. This is, after the Beatles broken up.
And of nationwide to succumb out of the Apple record company was James Taylor.
This "Fire and Rain" huge record. This guy just blew the doors down.
Everybody is talking about, that's the singer songwriter.
And following James Taylor were people like Cat Stevens, Elton John,
Adjustment all on it on it on. uh...People writing their own stuff singing their old stuff.
Up with the band, not necessarily hasn't a band. have been backing them up has denied
I was be a song writer writes song for the people, If I say got was well OKay, You should make your own recording.
So, I got together some material went into a studio.
It's Okay I'll guess this is how other people too much stuff. And made an album.
And then give us a guy was denied me this sound pull out of the road.
And tour and play, and this way promote the young people hear the songs.
Started becoming uh..Billy Joel's thing.
You know uh..recording artists of the singer rather than Billy Joel songwriter.
But again this is you wrote the singer, songwriter. And there I was right and they've been
got perceived as being that which I'll never thought about myself.