Vice President Joe Biden and the Middle Class Task Force

Uploaded by whitehouse on 29.01.2009

I'm Vice President Joe Biden.
We all know our economy's in crisis.
A lot of people have been hurt
by the mortgage crisis, the Wall Street slump,
the loss of millions of jobs.
But the middle class has been hit particularly hard.
President Obama and I -- in fact our whole administration
are hard at work to put us back on the path to recovery.
And the middle class, the economic engine of this nation
must be healthy in order for us to succeed.
Quite simply, a strong middle class equals a strong America.
We can't have one without the other.
But in the last economic expansion, the middle class got left behind.
This time, we can't let that happen.
That's why President Obama asked me to lead the Middle Class Task Force.
I'm going to be meeting with leaders of the cabinet departments
and agencies whose work most directly affects the middle class:
Education, Commerce, Health and Human Services and Labor,
as well as the Administration's top economic and domestic advisors.
The Task Force will have one goal:
raise the standard of living for the middle class.
But this won't be like other task forces
the Office of the Vice Presidency has recently run.
This one will be transparent.
We're going to put the Task Force report online,
along with video of our meetings.
And we want you to get involved as much as possible,
so send us your stories, your comments, your ideas.
We've set up a handy shortcut:
where you can find ways to get involved, stay updated,
and help us get America back on track.
Thank you very much. Get involved.