South American Continentals - WCS 2012 - Teaser

Uploaded by sc2pedroca on 12.07.2012

Hey guys, what's up?
Blazing hot news for you!
In the weekend of july 14th and 15th
São Paulo welcomes
the South American Continentals
of the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series.
You heard correct!
Incoming to the "city of drizzle"
players from 5 countries
of our South American continent.
And these countries are
and, of course,
each one of these 16 players
made it through their own country's qualifiers
and thus were qualified
for the Continentals, held in Brazil.
Besides that, they will fight for a prize pool of US$30,000
and for the possibility of representing their country
in the World Finals,
which will be held in Asia.
16 players
So I invite you all to stick here, with us,
in the Elis Regina Auditorium, in Anhembi Park
every play, every move
of this great tournament.
Also, PedrocaTV will do a live coverage
from the build-up to the event itself
so you will be able to follow
via Facebook, Twitter, our web site,
and so you will know the most important info of the event.