Fast & Furious Five | Limited Collector's Box | exklusiv bei | GER

Uploaded by SpecialCollector89 on 12.12.2011

Hello and welcome!
today I show you Fast & Furious 5
that's the Limited Collector's Edition
Exclusive to
I bought this in the x-mas calendar for about 17 Euro
and for this price, you can't complain about it
a very cool looking Box-Set
and it's really huge
I thought it would be a little bit bigger than a normal Blu-Ray
at the front there is the title
a silver printing
a little bit shiny
and over the complete Box are tire tracks...also very shiny
here's the FSK Sticker
all sides are just black
.. Limited Collector's Box
it's just a backpaper
Blu-Ray with slipcover
12 artcards
a carabiner keychain
and 2 ( 6 ) Stickers
here's the movie story
okay let's open it up
ah ok here are also some tire tracks
without the shrink wrap
looks really cool!!
the printing is very glossy
hmm....there is a shadow, because of the sticker!
again..the backside
language: German, French, Italiano, Spanish DTS Surround 5.1
and English DTS HD Master Audio 5.1
over 70 min Bonus in HD
like I said..just a backpaper
open it up, like this
very sturdy cardboard
first, we got the numbered certificate
I have number 4353
I don't know how limited this Box is
but I think, because there are only 4 digits maybe limited to 9999 copies
backside just white
I really like that it is numbered
next up we got the stickers
6 stickers total
next up we got the artcards
the backside always looks like that
next up we got the Blu-Ray
with a slipcover
unfortunately it's not the Steelbook
very sturdy
and here's the Blu-Ray KeepCase
inlcudes the Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Copy
and the Digital Copy
here's the flyer with the code
last but not least.. we got the carabiner keychain
it's not "cheap" but very light alu
the logo is prinited
I think that's it...nothing more
just black cardboard
okay that's it
my only problem with this Box ist the FSK Sticker!!
because now you have a shadow....
but for 17 Euro a very good price!
I just can recommend this Box
it's numbered
a very nice Box to an awesome Movie
ok that's it. I hope you liked it ;)
see you next time ;)!!! bye