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Natural Paradise. Ecologic Sanctuary.
These expressions are insufficient to describe the beauty
of the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, located on the northeast coast of Brazil.
It's formed by 21 islands, islets and rocks that attract visitors from all over the world.
Discovered in 1503 by Américo Vespucio,
the archipelago was given by the Portugal's king to a noble called Dom Fernão de Noronha
and the name changed to Fernando de Noronha centuries later.
After a period of abandonment and invasions,
in 1737 the Portuguese regained the posse of the archipelago.
For almost two centuries Noronha was a penal colony, famous for its cruelty.
After that, for 45 years the archipelago was administrated by the army.
Then in 1988 it was integrated by the State of Pernambuco
and declared a National Park
Some laws to preserve the environment and to control the tourism were created.
The region's flora and fauna are very rich, including various endemic species.
In its waters, the happy dolphins named "Rotatores' swim
and also the easy going sharks "Lambaru".
At the beachs, Tamar Project biologists protect the marine turtle.
Today, the population of Noronha participates of this ecologic attitude
and helps the orientation of the tourists,
so that the archipelago's secrets and beauty keep surprising lots of generations.
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