Tech: Using Your iPhone to Stay Organized and On Time

Uploaded by SarpedonMedia on 23.09.2010

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 \ Hey, it's Dane. It's day 23 of the 4:15 experiment.
30 consecutive days of waking up super early. It's hard to believe it's been 23 days already.
I've done 23 videos in a row. I'm actually having a lot of fun and I really appreciate
all the support I've been getting as I undertake this journey. It means a lot to me, I appreciate
it. Thank you. Thanks for following along. Hey, I have a little tip today. Well, it works
for me. It may not work for you. I'll share it just in case. This is my iPhone. If you
use a smart phone, it probably has a clock feature that you can use to set alarms. And
if you look here, I have mine set for 4 alarms that go off-- My first alarm goes off at 4:15
am, of course, on my night stand. That's to get me out of bed. Then I usually do some
creative work, or I return work emails, or I do some blogging. Because, as you know,
early mornings can be a great time to get some serious stuff done. If I'm gonna go for
an outdoor run, or if I'm gonna zip to a Yoga class, or if I'm gonna go to the gym, or if
I'm gonna meditate, and do my affirmations or what have you, then at 6:10 am it reminds
me to get up and get my groove on-- The next one is at 4:55 pm, and that's usually when
I'm at the office, and it reminds me to pack up my briefcase and get home because it's
5 o'clock for me, but it's really 8 o'clock for me, right...comparatively. And then at
6:10 pm-- Are you with me so far? At 6:10 pm the alarm goes off to remind me that it's
time to stop eating...frankly. I should be doe with my dinner and my dessert because
as you know, if you've been following along, I like to have at least two hours between
when I'm finished eating before I actually go to sleep-- So, smart phone alarms is working
really great for me. I wonder if it would work for you too? Or, are you already doing
something like this or similar to it? If so, lemme know in the comments section. This is
Dane. }