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Let me tell you who i am so you know why to even listen to me in the first place.
My name is Rob Legacy, and since I was 12, I read the Bible alot in my youth,
I found an important aspect of understanding the Bible, God and who He really is,
and understanding the world that we live in, and that element is Truth, meaning
truth and fact if you only accept that, you will walk in knowledge into the Mind of God
and discovering this when i was 12, decided to dedicate my life to only finding truth
thas all i respect, if you give me your opinion I will reject it unless you can prove it true
Thats my philosophy. I prayed to God asking Him to keep me on this path since 12
and up until this point I have stay on that path, and completing a goal like this will
grant you a certain amount of understanding and knowledge of the universe and God
based on that idealogy applied to religion, I have discovered a mathematical principle
that can allow correct interpretation of Bible prophecy based on fact and calculations
right now everybody suspects we are in The Judgement, but no one knows how soon
but I do, based on using my math principle applied to the Bible I can pinpoint the time
some could be wrong, every calculation has a margin of error, but its adding up to
this being correct. That is why I am saying Obama is the Anti-Christ, because I have
done calculations, and he fits an exact description-we will talk about that ina minute
First I have to make you aware of a dynamic. in Rev 12. there is a woman pregnant
this represents a group of people, and that Child would rule the nations with a rod
The Devil then challenges God's will and seeks to devour the Child soon as it is born
'now a great sign appeared in heaven, a woman cloth in the sun, moon under feet
on her head a garland of 12 stars, being with Child cried out in pain to give birth'
'and another sign in heaven, a great fiery Dragon having 7 heads and 10 horns,
and 7 diadems on his horns'- the 10 horns were 10 men, 7 diadems means 7 were kings.
'and his tail drew 1/3rd of the stars'-see this beast represents the linage of Satan,
so this means and the end of his time, the 'tail end' of him, will draw 1/3 of the stars
representing the fact that 1/3 of these TV stars & politicians are associated with
these satanic secret societies, remember when that guy got tazed for askin about it?
The Dragon is important because if it represents 10 men, its say that that Dragon was
that serpent of old Devil and Satan which decieves the whole world
meaning that you can point to 10 men and say 'this-->> is the Devil and Satan'!!
that is an important aspect, ppl have to realise the Devil is people not a spirit force
the devil is human which is why he inflicts human woes, but deceives you of his true nature
Back to the beast: Rev 13:1 'I saw a beast rise out of the sea, having 7 heads, 10 horns
and on his horns 10 crowns, and on his head a Blaphemous name'-This beast is Satan,
7 heads mean 7 nations, 10 horns=10 men, 10 crowns means these are now 10 kings,
the blasphemous name is Bilderberg Group. The 10 kings are those international bankers
i looked onto their histories, and the heads are the sons and daughters of yesterday's kings,
and it makes since that they are multi-billions rich, their families basically owned a nation,
and your not goin to jus lose or gamble away billions, so they have been wealthy over time
and have jus gained and consoldated power in the earth, families like the Rothschilds etc,
believe it or not, they are Satan!! and you can tell these bankers have absolute power,
if you look @ the Fed Reserve in America, isnt it funny to you that the Fed Reserve,
the way we create money in this country is PRIVATELY OWNED by international bankers?
if you look into US history, the presidents were always having to overcome what they called
the money trusts, a group of bankers who had consolidated power in Europe,
trying to prevent them from taking control of our money suppy and subsequently our government
they used their money to bribe politicians to fix laws, and good politicians complained
in the 1920's how the press had all been bought out by them, and whoever didnt do what
they wanted they would bully them with the press, so they have basically had control of
the political wing of our government since the 20's!! Democrat AND republicans both
equally work to fuel the Bilderberg agenda! our political system is a complete sham!!
They build and destroy our economy at will thru control of the Federal Reserve,
it's been documented by MANY economists, one being Nobel Prize winning, that the
Fed Reserve CAUSED ALL of our major stock crashes by contracting the money supply
they kill our economy any time they want and call the downturn the 'business cycle' but
thas not how things have to be, they jus keep our economy nominal so its easy to control
and work their agenda which is to bring ina world currency and tax & control EVERYTHING
they want to do it thru a chip-This is the mark of the beast in Revelation, so BEWARE!!
Blaphemous name on the beast's head, that is Bilderberg Group.
Here we go with Obama: Rev 13:2 'I saw a beast like unto a leopard-meaning it was spotted,
if you kno anything about animals you kno a spotted coat means its a MIXED BREED,
'and its feet as the feet of a bear--now we are getting somewhere: if you look in Rev 1
there is a description of the Son of Man, saying he had feet as brass burnt in an oven
representing his whole skin complexion; He was a brown person, so the feet of a bear?
Ok this is a darker brown person--now we have a MIXED BREED, DARK BROWN person.
'and he had a mouth like unto a lion-meaning he speaks well, is a bold, strong speaker.
Ok so MIXED BREED, DARK BROWN, BOLD SPEAKER--It fits Obama, but notta smoking gun
Ok so now we have 'The dragon gave him his power, his throne, and his great authority'
so now we know the Dragon or Bilderberg(which is Satan!!), is who gives him his power
But heres the smoking gun: 'He was given a mouth speaking great and blasphemous things
and was given authority to continue for forty-two months. The term of a US PRESIDENCY.
This nails Obama: there has been no other brown president in US History, plus
This prophesy describes him EXACTLY.
Now we are going to talk about the woman, because that woman is important to understand
That woman represents a people, and that group ill prove is American Black people;
There is a prophesy (Gen 13:15) where God tells Abram 'his seed will be afflicted in a land 400 years'
'and after that time I will come and judge that nation, and they will come out with great substance'
Historians already know the Children of Isreal was in Egypt for only 215 years, so this is not them,
Plus it said 'they would come out after the 4th generation' and 'with great substance'
The Children of Isreal barely got away with their lives let alone great substance, plus
they did not come out in the forth generation or anything of the sort so this is not COI.
This without a doubt describes American Black people, and I will prove my claim from Bible.