Tips for Growers - Proven Winners® Supertunia® Picasso in Pink™ Petunia

Uploaded by provenwinners on 30.07.2012

I'm John Gaydos with Proven Winners. I'm the Director of Product Development and Promotion.
I'd like to talk you this morning about a phenomenal new plant that joins
Pretty Much Picasso
uh... we introduced Pretty Much Picasso three years ago
and one of the things we see it is a more vigorous plant
it does have a tendency to sprawl a little bit to make a really full basket
and so...
we went back to the breeders and talked to them and
this year we are really pleased to be able to bring to you
Picasso in Pink.
Picasso in Pink has about two thirds the overall vigor
and the overall size of Pretty Much Picasso.
Shorter...shorter internode space
flowers are really borne on the surface of the plant.
When you look at the flower color as compared to Pretty Much Picasso
you see that there's a distinct you certainly still need
both of them.
But Picasso in Pink is a
more mounding habit
nicer compact foliage, flowers all borne on the surface just a
really, really nice plant.