Scott and Erin Phase 2-Week 1

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artists couple million this is uh the Chronic Illness Epidemic and chronic illness remission
the weekly video of
the first week
after phase one simon them at the first week of phase two
uh... which consists of uh... six in six times a day
uh... it's been very interesting process
uh... got some stats for each year than a couple times i've been worrying
natural this week
uh... talked with michael chatman heymann already was for change dot com
we talked about couple things which are the Chronic Illness Epidemic
interesting that
to she's been finding out and stuff like that so it gets better
got to the steps first week
per at the end of his one about a hundred seventy two counts a cut down on
seventy one which is a twenty three pound loss
uh... been bouncing around between one seventy one and one seventy three
soldiers come in and they're i have been playing with troops when i came away i
got a time when seventy three
i was doing a high-fat
little over consumption from
the first day
estero the three a common as they have in in the lower weight
um... question of server with the two
a comet
uh... my stomach
and yet request not used to having four in the morning it's a little rough that
so maybe cut back a little bit on that first breakfast
at least that's what i bribed
i would do if i was too rigid cyclic amp
but pretty much taken with the diet now about three on what's cabin anselthe Chronic Illness Epidemic
craze of uh... three-eighths and other car project digest up with uh...
ripen spice blends of some runs off and or swarm upward
korean occur it came in that kind of coming arts
pace really care
uh... eating the six meals a day
bases they you know you might not be okay to might be able to do you can't
uh... the body's passing through a lot more
a lot faster it seems and on my portions are a lot smaller sorry you're gonna
find that um...
and i can eat as much hospice that's the good stuff you should be organic
and uh... uh...
it's it's it's been really weird alone
so the six military really is a big deal
couple of things that i wanted to talk about it
with sent from consumption
stick close to what they have done in the white board
earlier book they have a little was change dot com
be yukio overheat
you're gonna here this
yet you not going to have fun all you can feel the way calling on
the snacks in between meals snacks
are basically just tide over here at the tide me over between two to three big
but um...
eating pretty much what i want
uh... i'd just watch the fed into it because they like i said
i do work part time one ounce full-time at night at our
training restaurant which i found out they're going to be higher you've got
sarton enough effect too
the real world of what i do and
sell my uh... what's required to be more happy than i'm paying more attention
uh... is about
going to that
d tax program is taking up a lot of time and energy
so the foodstuff
six meals a day not a problem uh... not full meals puts you're eating six times
a day haven't had an issue with that at all
don't feel overweight bloated or anything like that and just to come
withdrawal organic
natural foods you're using the coconut oil not coker olive oil uh...
what exit from the is uh...
if you don't have keys
stay away from the soft cheeses in this in this range i have we have agreed in
chembur available office move the dishes and i'm a i'm citizens who is a racist
i love it and one of the soft cheeses
card once a hard mention a go out hard up amazon
carino or something like that
uh... for this phase consists of a softer once you you have a higher
propensity chronicle house
uh... i went from one seventy one to one seventy three and one day wishes at st
uh... working
out okay
eight week one of of uh... phase two
tests are working out uh... weight training
condition by crying
which has been real life uh...
monday tuesday thursday friday with a smile and my own little wait till notes
you don't have to follow it and like that but i kept the
the list and the restricted bench press squat and deadlines and i've been to
heavy dead left with
or i'm doing one later deadlines
for my own personal reasons but um...
money to save really sore
uh... it's been like touched such on the high around uh...
was it took off
sure is a friday
uh... did it again same cycles only two sets of about five six seven wraps
that's all i get natural have your way down and it's a slower left i don't try
to russian or anything like that
some working on body working on my cardio at the same time
uh... course that you warm up before you start a new stuff but
this is working for me uh... serenade morning
by slapped
because my body was healing
so uh... but i feel good so that all week even though i was sore lots of
energy level was their again brain fog is gone
all up
no side effects no side effects of support lost weight and the energy
levels where turn again
i like it was my twenties thirties
what do you get to the after the workout god
reminded after breakfast the between uh... some apartment at ten o'clock
ten o'clock a m i i have a protein drink
was some fruit
uh... been pounding tons of water and tea still work at a coffee tea
if you're going to your uh... if you do
something in my range
uh... i would recommend uh... away protein drink
again concentrated
no isolates of don't know what that means look it up on google earth or
no-cut until i saw it
concentrates only
isolate served
busy debt out there pretty much poison uh... unless you're a you're really into
body-building and things like that but
for the majority of us uh... and
but to stay away from an excellent
they're really not that good for even in new york or bodybuilders maybe stay with
you because you get out there
dr mercola
dot com ar mercola dot com has a good video out
uh... of risk
so uh...
that was what we have is research cutback interests and protein drinks
uh... or aggressive
some workers weight training
sensitive for a lot of years even though i had been messing operates i wasn't in
protein expert now i i feel i need to
so stay with me isolates uh... vitamins
got some true
what doctor pearson's office they work great
one of the last thing that i've also started
since the phase one was a heavy detox i've continued it detracts but
i have gotten
nam i'm taking in the morning ramai ten o'clock
and ten p m
he in
and q_-three i'm taking
uh... tincture of milk
cecille it's a as a lever clients
um... idea thirty to forty drops a little bit of water
so that down after running around with absorbed and it's usually and working
real well
no issues
no issues but i can feel the body still flushing
uh... which is kind of accidental resided at known so that the original
the tax heather and i talked about this
because your body's gonna be going to run up
uh... surface-to-air continued to tax or a startup any particular glamoc under
do it after phase one
uh... when you're pumping in the proteins in in your get your luck sulk
first week of phase two then another great experience
weights steady
i think my set points can be one seventy two range
i might start pulling back a little bit of that wells have been doing much but
cutting out some of the past decade bringing under one seventy one
uh... but i'm not gonna go i want to write and
if you're still in phase one
just a couple things that i forgot to mention some of the earlier areas
a couple of days i was or private calories a couple of days are and
don't go crazy anal
trying to hit five hundred on the back it is if that's your world in mexico
called great musical work
i found no no big deal in wonder
and no big deal insist that you know what kind of the way you name it plans
and i want
don't worry about it
uh... you know
i'm stressed out
and it's pretty fun enjoy the process
uh... errands uh... down to one eleven
specialties what she's doing the six-week and
and uh... she was really five hundred five hundred saw her and then
couple works or not there
and lexus relax take a deep breath but you know it's just food
or just a taxing
the weight loss if you don't worry about and she's like match that a couple of
days over a couple days under
no big spikes
and i'm not saying go to six seven hundred a hundred calories over or
below like were fifty four seventy five
don't do that
yourself laura
annette again a week one phase two has been tremendous
another two weeks so i have another video next weekend and falling rapidly
at the embassy street one null
introduced carbs
uh her neck arms but starches are probably have a couple videos after that
but then also at that point on when i have before actor pics up on
doctor pearson site which is uh... new medicines foundation dot com
and uh... you have all the kids that there is one of
and uh...
correct i go from there so uh... this is the report after week one of the Chronic Illness Epidemic and chronic illness remission
phase two
uh... enjoy your week
activex week
thanks very much for listening