Sanmina-SCI on its switch to Google Apps

Uploaded by GoogleApps on 10.06.2010


MICHAEL KOVACS: Sanmina-SCI is an electronics manufacturing
services provider.
We provide complete end-to-end manufacturing services to the
top OEMs in the world.
We design, ship, and deliver electronic products in 18
countries on four continents.
MANESH PATEL: We had Microsoft Exchange
installed across the company.
It was an on-premise solution managed
internally by our staff.
TONY AUG: We were spending entirely too much time
maintaining email.
MANESH PATEL: When we looked at the total cost of
ownership, it was just under $4 million a year, roughly $18
per employee per month.
With Google Apps, we're close to half of that, and today,
we're seeing roughly between $1.5 million and $2 million
savings annually.
TONY AUG: And when we started doing research around who's
really focused on collaboration, who's focused
on cloud scale?
Google Apps was the clear choice for us.
Across the board, it was at least as good--
and particularly in the cost category--
much better than what we had operating
Exchange on-premise ourselves.
JIM MILLER: Top benefits that I derived from Google Apps is
the integrative function, the ability to collaborate
seamlessly within the company across our supply base as well
as with our customers.
MICHAEL KOVACS: Real-time collaboration has been a real
key element to our success, and will be a key element to
our success moving forward.
JIM MILLER: I can respond to an email on my iPhone or my
BlackBerry, and instantaneously it updates all
of the email and applications, including calendar,
MANESH PATEL: From a security standpoint, we're very
confident in Google's capabilities.
TONY AUG: Not having to worry about how much storage space
your email takes up is, by default, a productivity
MANESH PATEL: In terms of our infrastructure, we freed up
over 100 servers across the company.
TONY AUG: With Google Apps, all the activities of
failover, disaster recovery, backups, archiving, et cetera,
are no longer a headache that we have to endure.
And the staff that was previously maintaining
Exchange, those people now are able to do new projects, new
collaborative activities, really adding
value to the business.
JIM MILLER: I really believe that once you start using
Google Apps day in and day out, your productivity
increases because the application adapts to the way
that you actually do work, versus the other way around.
And at the end of the day, being a senior executive, it's
all about productivity.
TONY AUG: Moving to Google Apps means we're no longer
worried about just continuing to operate an email system.
We're now on a platform that will continue to grow at a
total cost reduction.
MANESH PATEL: We have shown that we can move to Google
Apps for a large organization, and we're thriving.