How to Train for Boot Camp : Getting Started in Training for Boot Camp

Uploaded by expertvillage on 06.02.2008

CHRISTOPHER HOWELL: Hi. I'm Chris from Expert Village, and today I'm going to cover how
to prep yourself for going into military, training-wise. So you're going into the military;
you need to determine if you're in shape. Well, you can either prepare yourself to determine
if you're in shape. But there are some people who don't have as much as confidence, and
they don't know if they're going to be in enough shape or have enough time to actually
get in shape to be able to pass the basics of military training. Or you can do what I
did and do like AIT/National Guard type of training situation in which they will actually
train you and get you in shape if you're going into the military. So it's like a pre-training
to, like, before you start training. Now, if you do decide to do some type of AIT or
National Guard and do the pre-training, they'll usually teach you the kind of minimum. They'll
kinda get you into shape before you have to go into the military and get in shape, because
they don't want to discourage you or anything. They want to help you build yourself up. They
don't want you to kinda be like, "You know this is too hard for me to do. I really don't
want to do this." But they want to kinda start off slow and get you to the bare minimum to
where you're physically fit enough. This is Chris with Expert Village and we just covered
pre-training for the military.