Artist and Metalworker - Nathan Deyesso on

Uploaded by CustomMadeCom on 28.09.2012

My name is Nathan Deyesso, and i have a company called DSO Creative Fabrication.
What we do is create custom metal and woodwork for residential and commercial businesses.
Having an art background, I've always been working with my hands
and been very visual as far as art goes, and composition
I really like metal. I can see a lot more possibilities
in the raw material than I can with almost anything else.
Most of the designs I come up with are inspired somewhat by nature
I don't really see getting from A to B as a straight line
I think there's a curve or some sort of variance along the path, and I try to have that represented in the work that I do
A lot is inspired by the ocean as well, the curves, and the waves, and the undulations, in the ocean movements
Instead of making art all the time, which is sort of what I set out to do after college
I found that I really enjoyed creating a piece that had a specific purpose, or goal, or destination after it was done
And you're presented with this little box, well it's a big box, but it's a box, that you have to work within
And that's something that I really feed off of
I think that's where I even scared away from doing more open art
and I needed to have boundaries to break, or something to work within.
Not one job really stands out, I mean all of them as a whole, all of them have some sort of importance
If someone is having something custom made
it's not just because they want anything...
they have some desire to have this object that they can not find any other place
So just to be able to be that person, to be able to provide them with that, is really why I do it, what it ends up meaning.