First Lady's Jobs Speech Guests Give Their Message to the Country

Uploaded by whitehouse on 13.09.2011

Jessica Pickett: It's an honor to be here representing the IAFF and
the fire department this evening.
I think right now what America needs is to put Americans back
to work.
We're definitely looking for, you know,
continued funding of public service and enough teachers.
It's desperately needed and it's the foundation that I think this
country can build from.
Marlena Clark: We, as Americans, need to do our part and go to school,
get training, get certifications,
get any type of thing to boost you to be more
marketable in the field.
We cannot just wait for President Obama to do
what he has to do about jobs.
What is it that we're doing with ourselves?
Hector Sealey: We have a lot of wounded warriors and young men and
women coming back into the United States from helping
defend our country.
They'll need employment also.
Steve Case: Talking about what can be done in the short run to really solve
a problem of high unemployment and get people back to work and
there are a lot of things related to that.
But there also need to focus on the longer run and that's where
they -- the whole idea of entrepreneurship and high growth
companies becomes so critical.
How do you create sustainable jobs and make sure that great
companies are started in this country,
and great industries started in this country?
That's been our history for the last 200 years;
we want to make sure that it's our history for the
next 200 years as well.