Asymconf California 2013 Preview

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HORACE: The first thing to know about Asymconf, that we don't really know who comes and attends.
I mean we know enough, send you an email.
But that's all we need to know.
You see.
The event isn't designed... create networking opportunities.
Although that can happen.
It's not designed to help you find clients or leads.
What Asymconf is designed to do,
... is to create an atmosphere for learning.
I could say that it is to learn or to teach,
...but that really is up to you.
We try to create the atmosphere... which that can happen.
So when I ask myself...
"Where and when did I have a great learning experience?"
It usually has a characteristic...
...that I was involved somehow in the learning,
...or the teaching process.
And so that's what we really aim for, at Asymconf.
In January of 2013, we are going to have the opportunity to get together again,
...and this time it's in a wonderful setting of Almaden Research Center from IBM.
It's happening, in January 30th, Asymconf California.