Biggest Robbery FAIL in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Uploaded by underwaterchippie on 07.12.2012

One more violence episode has happened in Sao Paulo, Brazil
A thief has stolen a pharmacy but the situation goes really wrong and caught on CCTV
What you about to see now is just unbelievable.
A man stop his car in front of the pharmacy and make his way into the shop for the robbery just in from where he parked.
While he's not there another man gets in his car and drive away!
When he gets back he cannot find his car. He look around and can't believe that his car got stolen.
But then, while looking for the car, ANOTHER man come up and take all the "pharmacy money".
The thief got really pissed off and went to the police station to report his stolen car and money!!
But when arrived at the station he just met up with the owner of the pharmacy that he had stolen few minutes ago. So ended up in jail straight away!
The thief, Mauricio Ferro ( BAGULINHO) said he was really impressed with the violence.
"There's so much violence out there that you go for a robbery and come back even more poor"
" We can even do the wrong thing anymore. They took my brand NEW car man!!!
Did you just bought that car?? "bought it?? buy what? I've stolen that car yesterday! Brand new car!!"
"You can see how things are, Get me? bad boys here don't even let us enjoy what we worked hard for!!
REPORTER: But hold on!! the car wasn't even yours so what are you complaining about?
The robbery on top of MY robbery! that's not respectful!
REP: What about the money, not yours right?
"Of course it was mine! I've stolen so yes was mine!! "It's a reflect from my unemployment!"