Ante la araña - Cortometraje de Marc Nadal.

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In front of the spider
What was that noise?
I killed a spider.
Aren't you afraid of them anymore?
Before you always asked me to kill spiders.
Yes, I am. I had to wear gloves.
Do you remember that big plastic spider
which I locked you up with when you misbehaved?
You though it was a real one.
It was more effective than any other punishment
and much more fun to see you.
Everytime you left something in your dish,
you were locked up with the spider;
everytime you didn't tidy your room,
you were locked up with the spider;
everytime you did anything,
you were locked up with the spider.
That was a long time ago.
But It looks like you are still afraid of spiders.
It is called arachnophobia,
and I didn't suffer from it until you began to lock me up with that spider.
Now I can deal with them.
The small Centaurus told Carolina
that before arriving at Mount Peace
she has to go through the spiders maze.
It was a small place but it was full of tunnels
and at the end of them a spider was waiting,
just one tunnel leads outside.
The small and happy Carolina,
thinking every animal was her friend,
entered the first tunnel,
without knowing it, she realised that was stuck
on a spider's web from a giant aracnid
for days,
All that time she just done everything the spider wanted.
Every time Carolina managed to run away,
she came back to the starting point,
but she stayed there,
without wondering to enter in any of the tunnels,
waiting for time to go by.
Caterina, come... Caterina.
What's up?
What were you doing?
I am writing.
Give it up.
What's up?
Caterina, I’m getting bored here.
When you go shopping?
Maybe could I come with you?
I go shopping online mother.
You shop online, you work from home.
You should go out more often.
Come here.
We are gonna go soon for walks, like when you were a child.
Your mother will take you outside
and you are gonna met some boys,
maybe someone you want to marry.
Are you gonna tell me you don't like anyone?
Give it up mother.
You are not able to walk until the doctor tells you,
and I don't want men, or walks.
And if you have to think about something, don't think about how to organise my life.
What's wrong with worrying about you?
No thanks, I don't want to go back to the same point.
If father has gone it is not my fault.
I am gonna be here until you recover,
but don't speak to me as you were used to because I am not the same girl anymore.
What the hell is going on with you? I am your mother.
What would happen to you without me?
You only write things you never finish
and the ones you do finish are read by nobody.
Not anymore,
all that you said has no effect on me any longer.
It has taken years,
you had to get older because I could beat you.
What are you talking about?
You are a loathsome person
and it is impossible to live with you.
Where did you get that from?
your mother a loathsome person.
Your tricks don't make me feel anything for you either
If I left home, it was to avoid confrontation between us
and I am sure father has gone for the same reason.
If I am here is for obligation,
not everyone can leave suddenly,
you could die.
That has me got back to the wall. Don't you think?
Don't you think?
A few years later the young Carolina became older and stronger,
however, the years fell devastingly on the spider
making her old, slow and weak.
Now Carolina could clash with the spider,
looking for the exit.
Don't spend too much time on your writing,
over the years you might realise that it wasn't what you were expecting,
despite your investment in time and effort.
Time never comes back.
You don't need to tell me, you should be in bed.
You are an ungrateful person.
I wasted my time loving you and your Dad.
Now I just have my old age
and you tell me that my time was not useful for anything.
What about all these years we have lived together?
You come from me.
If I hadn’t been here, you would neither breath, nor write.
But you see me as an unbearable guest
you don't want to know anything about.
Do I have to thank you for spending time with me?
instead for loving me or taking care of me.
I know really well the value of your efforts,
the same as your cares.
The only thing I agree about is that I came from you but also for you,
like a puppet who you can impose the gestures and words you wanted.
Caterina my health.
I'm sick of your diseases, always so appropriate to shut me up.
You are complaining about wasting time and you had the time for both of us.
Is it possible that you don't realise how you treat people?
Poor unhappy girl.
What has life done to you to treat your mother like this?
Will you attempt to get a husband with manners like this?
I don't want anyone. Nor a life similar to yours.
I just want the best for you.
For you, you had time to prove it.
And what are you gonna do?
Lock yoursef in a flat to criticize your mother
and fill sheets of paper.
What kind of life did you want!
But it is my life mother, it's mine.
These are my words, it’s my final decision.
And you cannot do anything to change it or get into it.
You don't have spiders to lock me up with, anymore.
At least you have a strong character,
I see you are no longer the terribly shy girl,
who I had to defend all the time.
Were you a martyr mother?
Yes. And listen to me,
when I was young I also built up my hopes,
you are gonna lose your job,
you are gonna endanger our safety, following a ghost.
And I'm not referring to me, do not think I'm so selfish,
I'm referring to you, to prevent your downfall,
people who love a bit are happy.
But in these times even for a daughter it is worth worrying about.
Whay do you want me to get husband?
To have the same experience as you?
Or to go on building what you wanted for yourself?
Everything keeps spinning around your ego.
You cannot live without being the best of both.
Since I was a child, you've been comparing yourself to me,
and I tried to imitate you because I admired you.
What a dreadful and ridiculous image we achieved,
you can remain in it if you wish
but I’ve already left.
I never liked you, I never liked you.
You just enjoyed watching someone imitating you,
a walking mirror to feel superior to.
Maybe you don't want to believe it,
but Why did I leave home as soon as I could?
Why did father split up with you?
Because you are an unbearable person.
How should somebody near you feel make that choice
and leave you with a daugher whose future you’ve wrecked?
The spider,
realising that she was losing her prey,
made one last effort to catch it and she died of old age.
Now Carolina should be on Mount Peace but
she doesn't see it,
above her there is a strong feeling of guilt
about murdering her only companion during those years.
In front of the spider