Making Bracelets the Native American Way

Uploaded by MOnatureKids on 29.09.2010

Bill: What you're holding is one leaf, Rattlesnake Master
It's a prairie plant. Its not a grass. You might think it's a grass but it's not.
You take it about in the middle here.
And with your fingers about this far apart,
try to get it in the middle.
With your right hand twist it to the right.
Now when it's kind of tight, you bring your two hands together and it makes a little kink.
See how it makes a kink.
Then you grab the kink with your left hand like that.
Okay now you got two pieces here. Now you take the top one,
and you twist it just like before, and bring it over the other one.
And leave it go. Now take the other one.
and twist it as before. Bring it over the top.
See you're twisting these clockwise but you're putting the two together counter-clockwise.
Girl and Boy: Oh. Bill: That's what makes it stay.
Bill: Twist it and bring it over.
Twist it and bring it over.
You'll notice when I do it, I like to I like to grab this one with these fingers.
You'll notice when I do it, I like to I like to grab this one with these fingers.
And then I can get a tighter grip on it.
So then you are going pretty good.
After awhile you only have to give it one good twist.
That will be enough see. One good twist.
Girl: Wow...ooh this is fun!
Girl: I really like crafts and this is actually pretty easy.
Girl: And look how pretty it is.
Bill: It's something you can learn in five minutes that's really neat.
Now the American Indians used about 1,000 different plants for cordage.
Boy: This is pretty awesome! Girl: Yes. Boy: Guys can make bracelets too.
Bill: To make this longer and longer, this piece here,
I have to take another piece, and kind of weave it in there.
You can keep going and going. See how long you can make it.
Bill: You can make it as long as you want. Girl: Wow that's so cool! Boy: It looks like a rope.
Bill: You want to make a bracelet that will be about right. Girl: That's good.
Then I'll twist this a little bit and just make a regular knot. over hand knot.
Then I'll snip off the extra.
When you do it this way you have a loop that it fits through.
Girl: My loop is kind of small. Bill: That's good because this is a small bracelet.
Bill: Something that's kind of neat about Rattlesnake Master
it has a nice sheen to it, especially in the sun.
Girl: Cool. Bill: Rattlesnake Master is really easy to gather on the prairie.
Bill: One plant will make maybe ten or twenty leaves.
Girl: Thank you that was really cool. Bill: You're welcome.
Boy: They're fun to make.