Drugs in America - conspiracy

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I love America
This video was shot in 2008 November, as Cindy and I we're heading down to San Francisco
And I have to tell you if you're looking for a country that has amazing scenery
It’s got to be the most diverse country on the face of this planet.
From Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon, Hawaiian Islands, Alaska, Florida,
the deserts, California, Vermont, Massachusetts
It is an aboslutely amazing country.
But there are so many other things that make America great.
And that has to be its people. America has some of the most laid back
people and friendly people in the whole world. I mean Cindy & I, when we travel down there,
we encountered nothing but
warm friendly people along the way. They gave us directions, engaged in conversation
it was absolutely amazing.
And that comes back right now especially as we see all the events happening around the
It started last year
Greece - The people were rioting against their government, against austerity
measures. It happened in the
United Kingdom in London with the young people protesting against high education costs.
And in Ireland and you know about the debt being taken on by the government.
Right now it's spreading into Tunisia, Egypt, all over the world.
People are rising up against their government's and against
things that they just don't understand and I wonder to myself like America as big as
it is with so many people
how is it possible that the people
have not risen up?
Because if anyone has had a reason - look at Wall Street
Two years after the economic collapse Wall Street is back with huge bonuses
while unemployment is over 9%
for the general population. Well over 15% in inner cities and for minorities
There's huge problems everywhere you look. foreclosures this year in the United States
will be 1.2 million. I’ve talked about this before.
That’s a million foreclosures.
People losing their homes a month.
More than 3,200 every single day.
And yet the American people are taking it.
Just as it comes. This happens I mean don't get upset about it, don't worry about it
It’s time to relax.
So I started to wonder to myself why would people be so laid back, so relaxed when
everything around them is collapsing?
Ireland - they think they have a debt? Look at America they have well over $10
$12, $13 trillion and they're adding more to it?
Every American is indebted for . . . I believe it's over $10,000
Every single man, woman and child and it keeps going higher and higher.
The world's richest country - the world's most powerful country.
Think about it. America is the world's most powerful military country
and you couldn't invent this in the movie.
They attack
a small
third world country - Afghanistan that has
a ragtag bunch of terrorists?
You know al qaeda or of the ex-government the Taliban. We're talking about very
limited numbers. I've heard anywhere from
you know maybe 25,000 members.
They’re not equipped. They don't have equipment the best thing they can do is come up with
improvised explosives.
And America has now embroiled itself into the longest war in its history.
With predator drones, night-vision, satellites everything else.
It cannot defeat little movement.
You’ve got to wonder
is there a war that America can win?
And this also by the way he's continuing on in my direction.
There’s another war that America’s been involved in for a long time that it doesn't
seem to be able to win.
and that's the war on drugs.
Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent
apparently to keep drugs out of America.
And it's not winning.
So I was thinking to myself - Americans are so laid back.
There's nothing that could get them out into the streets to protest - to riot
anything like that.
Think about it . . .
Kids today in school or started off with 'well if you have a problem with behavior'
put you on
legal drugs Ritalin and all its other
commodities out there, all the different forms of it
And for adults you know Prozac or whatever America is a very
tranquilized nation. That's a fact. Possibly the most tranquilized nation
in the whole world.
That's one of the reasons they're are laid back.
Now you go to the inner cities and there's illegal drugs.
I just heard on the news that illegal drugs in the US were a $40 billion dollar industry.
$40 billion in one year!
America’s closest allies -
Mexico right across the border.
Could almost say that it's a narco state. America has close relations with
Fighting drugs for decades,
it can't be beat, it can't be won.
Panama - they kicked out the dictator Noriega
but Panama was also conduit a place of
where drugs were coming in, money was being funneled
Now America is in Afghanistan. Guess what
Afghanistan has in common with Colombian other countries?
It's a Narco State - opium and heroin.
And America can't beat them.
It can't defeat them.
But you go into the inner cities in the United States and
illegal narcotics are a big issue.
And I tell you Americans won't riot for
Wall Street and the excesses of the rich for losing the middle class
polution, any of these things.
But, if it's narcotics, illegal drugs
were stopped at the border.
and there was no illegal drugs getting into that inner cities
you would see
proverbial sh**
hit the fan like you can't believe.
I mean you would not want to be around
any major city or even rural areas.
if legal drugs were not to be had.
Now put a big Kybosh on legal drugs and get the kids off Ritalin and adults off Prozac
And you're going to have a nation that really cares and waking up and going -
What the heck has been going on around is for so long?
This almost begs that question I mean I’ve heard it said many times before.
It’s been reported that there's been connections with
drug dealing with
contras, drug by-offs, drugs getting into the states
with CIA or other government agencies. There's allot of people in minorities in the
Latino and Black communities who are claiming that
America is implicated in bringing drugs into the inner cities to keep people
drugged up.
It sounds like a far-fetched conspiracy, but really think about it
Think about it for one minute - if you took the drugs out of the inner cities, what would happen?
Unemployment rate in the inner cities for Blacks -
double that of the general population. Young people don't have jobs
They don't have a real hope for the future.
Take a look at some of the inner cities like Detroit and all the destruction that's happened there
because of the collapsing economy.
If it wasn't for drugs, what would happen?
It’s a very serious question
I would like to see the media do more investigations into the
Tranquilizing - whether it's through legal means
pharmaceutical drugs or legal means of America and find out why
Americans have to be tranquilized
At least, hat’s the way I see it.
As a final note I have to say that if you take a look at the
Middle Eastern countries, one thing that they do have in common
is a very strict law when it comes to narcotics
whether it's self-consumed or trafficking in it.
In Saudi Arabia the penalty can be death - it's that simple.
If anyone thinks that there is nothing that can be done - that the world's most powerful
country with spy satellites, predators everything like -a military that is unrivaled -
cannot stop drugs at the border . . . well take another Ritalin or Prozac