Proactiv Acne and Blemish Treatment - Coupon Code 2013

Uploaded by offerscom on 24.08.2012

Want clear skin all over?
Get set!
Because Proactiv's
deep cleansing wash is back!
Proactive clears acne on your face and body
so you can feel
confident showing off your skin anytime anywhere.
A $12 value, our best selling body wash,
is your free gift when you order the Proactiv
3 Step System today!
The deep cleansing wash, it really exfoliates the skin. I use it on my arms, my legs, my chest...
My skin was smoother. It got rid of the small little bumps on my shoulders and back.
Proactiv is faster and gentler then ever before! Give your skin a fresh clean look with the #1 Proactiv!
After I use Proactiv, I could tell my skin was clearing up.
It was amazing.
So don't wait! Now with the deep cleansing body wash, you can give
your back chest and shoulders
the same clear skin you expect from Proactiv