Gay Family Values: "King & King"

Uploaded by depfox on 25.10.2009

Jay: Want to read a book?
Want to read a book?
Would you like me to read you a book?
Selena: Yes Jay: Lets read this book!
Jay: What is this book called?
Selena: The King and The King. Jay: King And The King?
Selena: I look kinda cute in this. Jay: You do look cute.
Jay: On the tallest mountain above the town lived a queen, the young crown prince, and the crown kitty.
Narrator: The queen had ruled for many long years and she was tired of it. She made up her mind that the prince would marry and become king before the end of summer.
Queen: "WAKE UP!" called the queen.
Queen: "WAKE UP!"
Queen: "We're going to have a little talk, you and I."
Queen: "I've had enough!"
Queen: "You're getting married and that's all there is to it."
Narrator: The prince pushed away his breakfast. He couldn't eat a bite as the queen talked on...and on...and on.
Queen: "I don't understand you. Every prince in these parts is married. Every one of them but YOU!
Queen: When I was your age, I'd been Married twice already."
Narrator: By evening, all that talking had made the prince dizzy.
Prince: "very well. Mother. I'll marry.
I must say, though, I've never cared much for princesses."
Queen: "To your future happiness!"
Narrator: That night, the queen found her list of princesses and called every castle, alcazar, and palazzo near and far.
The very next morning, a crowd waited at the gates.
Princess Aria from Austria sang a THUNDEROUS opera for the prince.
No sooner had she finished than she was shown the door.
Princess Dolly had flown all the way from Texas with her special rooster crow!
But the queen and the prince were not amused.
Next came that funny little princess from Pinkland.
The prince didn't hit it off with her either,
so he really didn't mind when his page promptly fell in love with her.
Prince: "Boy those long arms will come in handy when waving to the people,"
Narrator: Said the prince.
as fast as her elegant legs could carry her, Princess Rahjmashputtin from Mumbai stormed out of the palace.
The queen and the prince looked at one another sadly.
None of this was quite as they had expected.
"Wait!" called the page.
Page: Ahem! presenting Princess Madeleine and her brother Prince Lee.
Narrator: At last the prince felt a stir in his heart.
It was love at first sight.
Prince: "What a wonderful prince!"
Prince lee: "What a wonderful prince!"
Priest: "And by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you King and King!"
"you may kiss each other now."
Narrator: The wedding ws very special. The queen even shed a tear or two.
Selena: hey thats the same thing but a different cake.
Jay: The two princes are known as King and King, the queen finally has some time for herself, And everyone lived happily ever after.
Jay: so what did you think of the book? Did you like the book?
Selena: Yes Jay: It was A good book?
Jay: Give me a kiss.