NEW Rauni-Leena Luukanen NRJ Interview (English Subtitles)

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NRJ's "Morning boys".
She's a physician, author, lecturer and an ufologist.
She's concerned about microship injections.
She has separated from her body.
She's busily chatting with UFOs.
She is - Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde.
Welcome to the interview. We have an extremely interesting guest -
- Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, welcome!
-Thank you.
So we are talking about UFO matters.
An interesting topic. We don't know much about it and that is why you are here.
Tell something about yourself and how you got involved in these things.
I am now living in Norway, I've lived in 8 different countries and speak 6 languages.
I have three medical specialities and I've worked as a chief medical officer of Lapland.
I've substituted the CEO of National Institute of Health working as the head of the department for some time.
I represented Finland in WHO congresses as an expert on tropical diseases.
-A lot of different things.
-Now I'm an international best-selling author. I've just finished my 7th book which hasn't gone to print yet.
-Ok. You had difficulties getting here, for example you couldn't contact my co-worker. What happened?
-This is typical. I talk about things that many are afraid to talk about.
Especially if you are in high societal position, for example a phycisian.
-You can tak about anything here.
-Great. They are the western intelligence agencies that are under control of CIA.
And they don't want people to know about the topics I talk about, like extra-terrestial contacts.
I was in a "Secret Space Program" seminar in Amsterdam last April.
And it was discussed that we, humans, fly to Moon, Mars and Saturnus on a constant basis.
And we have an internship program with planet Arcturus.
Steven Spilberg even made a film about this called "Encounters of a third kind".
People know nothing about this, and these things are quickly denied by offical authorities.
NASA's quote-on-quote nickname is "Never A Straight Answer".
Because NASA gives out incorrect information.
I was in Finland few months ago and opened an evening daily where it said: -
- "NASA estimes that in around 2030 we will go to Mars."
I gulped because I've seen the film showed in 22/5/1992 when Americans first landed on Mars.
-Pretty wild information. Could you tell more about the internship program with planet Arcturus?
I don't know more about that. Watch the Spilberg's film, it ends when we come back from Arcturus.
-It's curious that time seems to act differently in outer space. We don't age.
We can be away for years and still look very young.
And yet, for example this one person was away from Earth for 5 days and he had a beard when he came back.
And beard doesn't grow in 5 days. These things are curious.
-NRJ's "Morning boys"
-NRJ's "Morning boys" (Part 2 *removed*)
-You've said that we're being watched and controlled by microshipping, could you tell more about this?
-Yes. Unfortunately they are being implanted in all vaccines today.
They are very small, 2 micromillimetres while the diameter of hair is 50 micromillimetres.
They have been implanted since the -50s, but today one can receive one in a handshake.
The chip goes trough the skin and can't be removed.
But it can be detected in MRI, X-ray or orthopantomography, it then makes an actual sound.
This proves the existence of the chip and it can be asked, who put it in?
This brings us to the tragedy of Norway which everybody is familliar with.
But few know about the backgrounds.
Breivik was not lonely or mentally ill.
Two psychiatrists diagnosed him with paranoid-schizophreania and gave him 2/100 in a mental health review.
People who score 2/100 can't even tie their shoes -
- and Breivik was obviously an intelligent person.
He was obviously a subject of an experiment.
I've informed the officials to test him in case he is implanted.
But there'd the question of who chipped him and who is politically responsible.
It goes too high in the power structure.
25/7/10 reported that 3 days before the attack -
- Norway's premier had called and begged Putin to stop the massacre.
He had received the information from the Norwegian intelligence.
It was hinting to a false-flag operation.
Since then the Norwegian media has emphasized on why the police did not arrive sooner to the island.
E.g. a father received call from his son who reported the shootings from the island.
The police refused to take the call from the father, stating that the son would have to call them. Why?
Why did the police send a small rubber boat with 10-12 officers to the island?
The boat couldn't make it to the island and tourist boats had to help them back.
Why so many people were reporting similar things?
There are many questions, which might be resolved some day.
-So with microshipping one can take over a person and program them to do things?
-Yes, against their will. The programming can vary depending on the frequency.
It's all about what it means to be a human being.
We get fixated upon the body. E.g. there's a dolphin, there's a dog and so on.
We ought to be fixated upon the energy, because from the medical perspective we are energy beings.
About 70% of the body is water. We forget that.
Moreover 87% of our brain is water also. What sustains us in part?
It's energy. Humans have an electromagnetic field and this field can be influenced.
For every emotion there is a set frequency.
It differs when you are happy or sad. There's even a frequency for suicidal actions.
They can perfectly control us. Humans become biological robots.
In 1970s New York Times wrote 30 articles about this. But they never talk about it here.
-Who is behind all this?
-Intelligence Agencies do all the dirty work.
-But behind all of it is this global organization which rules the world.
-No president or parlament governs their country. It's only for the show.
-Are we talking about Illuminati? -For example.
-Are UFOs part of this? If we have received technology and knowledge from outer space long time ago, -
- is this conspiracy between E.T.s and humans or are humans plotting against themselves?
- I believe we have received information from outer space.
There are "real" extraterrestrial UFOs and man-made UFOs. None of us here could tell the difference.
They can halt midair, be invisible in radars, leviate objects and so on.
All negativity doesn't come from outer space, it comes from humans.
-NRJ's "Morning boys"
-We talked about microchips & vaccines earlier and I'd like to know why the Swine Flu Vaccine -
- was tested on Finnish children. If I recall correctly, it was tested on Dutch adults and Finnish children.
Why a vaccine is tested on children? We now know it caused narcolepsy.
-In Canada it caused miscarriages and the government withdrew 170 000 injections.
It was tested on other people also.
But WHO has had this policy of testing vaccines on Finnish people because we are obedient.
When officials tell us to get vaccinated, 90% of the people follow the advice.
This doesn't happen elsewhere. E.g. In Switzerland NO ONE took the vaccine.
Our false belief in authority is probably one reason.
-Have people been implanted this way then? -Absolutely! It's official and there's proof.
Bill Gates, who funds vacciantion programs, said for one, that it a depopulation program.
Cathrine Austin Witz, blogged in 2009 that (swine flu) vaccines will be used for depopulation purposes.
It's a Nazi-mentality, get rid of children, the next generation and the sick.
But leave the small elite who may reproduce.
This is a disturbing scenario, yet it has happened before in Germany. Now it's happening in U.S.
There are 800 concentration camps ready, with rails and cremators.
According to the new DCM.10 mental health criteria, which will commence in spring 2013 -
- those you criticize the government can be flagged as mentally ill. -
- If a young girl plays with boys toys, she is sexually disturbed etc. This is terrifying.
If you haven't showered you are mentally ill. This is how they are going to control us.
-Is increased medication of children with part of this?
-Certainly. 50 years ago we talked about wild children. Today they have ADHD which has to be medicated.
These medications don't help but they make matters worse.
For example the strange murders. Suddenly someone stabs someone and doesn't even feel anything.
I claim that these people are micro-shipped test animals.
-Let's talk about 2012 for a moment.
The Mayan calendar ends and they say world will end.
Please tell your opinion about this.
-I tend to say that my calendar ended last year and nothing happened.
The Mayans have maybe 17 calendars in total, for different purporses like agriculture.
The fact that one calendar ends doesn't mean the world will end.
These calendars talk about year 4000 also.
These phenomena are used to spread fear in people by the elite.
There have always been "Doomsday prophets", yet the world hasn't ended.
What will come however is a man-made catastrophy.
They can be very grave.
Even third world-war if U.S. and Israel invade Iran, and Russia comes to the other side.
Today Russia is clanking weapons in the border of Karjala.
These are big matters.
E.g. The tsunami of Japan and radioactivity. Large floats are close to Hawai.
And in California many children have been born handicapped due to the radiation.
These kinds of things will happen, but they are all man-made.
-Extremely interesting. Thank you for the interview.
-Thank you. The spread of information is important though some try to stop it.