F-Zero Falcon Densetsu 46 - The Man of the Legend (part 2)

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Is Zoda now on planet Tank?
Zoda is looking for something Black Shadow wants.
I understand, you can go.
Why would Zoda want the Reactor Might?
l'll tell you then.
My battles before were all fought for Reactor Mights.
You can think about it for a while.
What exactly is going on then?
How's this?
Do you like my present?
Although Zoda's become more powerful...
...he's suitable for developing the Reactor Might.
The better developed the Reactor is, the stronger power it produces.
So...about the matter last time. Don't tell me...
l understand, but. . .
What about the other Reactor Mights then?
l have 3 in my hands, the other 2 are with Ryuu and Falcon.
As for the last one...
The 3 of us are trying to get hold of that.
But. . .
This is for you.
Give me your Reactor Mights!
Just as we thought, you're not here for the contest at all.
Have you felt anything Ryuu? Don't tell me...
The new Reactor Might has been activated.
Let's go.
-Boost... -FIRE!!
Blood Fire!
Didn't Captain Falcon die back then?
He's a strong fellow after all.
ln order to ascertain his death...
...l made Blood Falcon revive as a liquid.
Stop, Ryuu!
Stop, you'll destroy the machine!
This is dangerous!
It's alright, l'm going.
But Captain Falcon hasn't appeared.
lt's all right, there's only a bit more...
Only a bit more and my dreams'll come true!
l need more power to realise it.
But who exactly is Berserker, and where does he come from?
His skills are formidable indeed.
We must use him to raise more money.
He's too mysterious though...
But the most important thing is...
What is it?
What should we do about the man of legend?
Black Shadow!
Captain Falcon.
Ryuu Suzaku.
What legend? l'll destroy you all!
Research lab.
What's this...
ls it a research on the Reactor Mights?
ls he trying to use biotechnology to manipulate them?
This is...
First experiment.
Heat reaction 90%.
All vital signs normal.
Named Zoda.
Why would Zoda be here?
What the heck is this?
Why would l be here?
Ryu Suzaku's the biggest obstacle in my path.
Therefore, l created Zoda and sent him to the past.
I'm going to avenge Ryu!
Who are you?
The man of legend's Ryuu.
lf Ryuu was revived because of this...
Why would l be here in this age?
Why would Zorda go into that hole?
lsn't that where Captain Falcon and Blood Falcon...
...entered the Dark Space?
So this means...
The enemy hasn't gotten the Reactor Might.
There might be news of Captain Falcon's disappearance.
We must get the Reactor Might.
Let's go then.
Get ready!
Be careful.
Ryu! So you came!
l'm not going to hand the Reactor Might to you.
That was supposed to be my line.
Let's have a match again!
The winner takes the hypermatter sensor.
-Ryuu, don't fall for his tricks! -Jody! Trust him!
It's dangerous.
Are you fine?
That's great!
Where's Zoda?
He's escaped again.
l finally understand my purpose here,
and why l was chosen to be here.
l have to defeat Black Shadow, no matter what!
Minds change with the passing of time.
Life is like a cup of coffee drunk again.
What's the matter Ryuu?
Why are you saying these, are you all right?
l actually forgot about this.
l'll. . . be going against my fate. Let's go Dragon Bird.
Head towards that sunset.
Come back.
ln the next episode of F-Zero. Fate.
Light the fire in your heart.
(Bart's classroom )
Hello everyone. Was today's F-Zero interesting?
Miss Gyoku from Touhoku Prefecture, Gan City has written in.
Please tell us where Ryuu was born, and how his family was like then.
Right, l'm a know-it-all when it comes to Ryuu.
Ryuu was born in a farm 1 50 years ago in rural Boston.
His beloved dog was named Akeserus, and his father was a racer.
Ryuu had to help out in the family because his mother was weak by nature.
l thought he would be good in the kitchen.
So l let him have a go in the shop once.
But. . . Jack and Krugtz had to take leave from the High Orbit Squad after that.
l'm thankful that l didn't try the food .
Take care everyone.
Let's go. Extreme Firepower.
Lap 4 7: Fate.
lt's already 30 minutes.
So this is it, thanks.
l was only following your orders to wake you up.
lt's the 3rd day of his training, and he hasn't slept much.
ls he really going to be fine this way?
So has that saviour appeared yet?
Ryu, you're the saviour.
l'll defeat Black Shadow.
That scum.
That fellow's actually pushing himself so hard .
l'll call him to stop it.
Right Squad leader. What is it?
So. . . that's it.
l object.
But. . .
This are orders from the F0 Association, we can't defy it.
A duel between me and Black Shadow?
You can't enter this contest, Ryuu.
l . . . l'll like to join, Sir.
ls that so?
Ryuu . . .
l have to do this, this is my destiny.
Ryuu . . .
You must have rejected it Brother Ryuu.
lt's Black Shadow after Zorda.
What's the matter?
What's the Association up to?
l'll hand the machine to you then, Clash.
Leave it to me.
Damn, do you know what you're talking about?
Black Shadow. . . l have to defeat him.
l have to do this.
Ryuu. Ryuu. Brother Ryuu.
You've overworked yourself.
The doctor has already said so.
You have to rest yourself.
l don't have time to spare.
The doctor and Jodie are checking the match location now.
Lucy and the rest are inspecting the Dragon Bird for match readiness.
What are you talking about, Jack?
Krugtz's in the central computer lab, looking up Black Shadow.
Why is it called my destiny?
You've made it seem like you're the only one fighting the Dark Million.
Besides. . .
The fact that you've been named as saviour's only recent news.
Everyone knows that you can't transform yourself instantly.
So just rely on us for now.
He still don't know about anything in the end .
And it's not just this time.
Even the recent F0 Association . . .
How's Ryuu doing?
He's resting quietly now.
He's not used to depending on others at all.
He hasn't even discovered that we saved him every time.
But. . . it can only go this far.
Our help extends only to this point.
The opponents that he'll face from now on.
Are on a completely different level.
Our strength. Will only hinder him.
That guy. . .
Can actually stand up to such an organisation alone.
Are there truly no others who can help him?
Don't worry.
lt'll be fine, Jack.
Ryuu is definitely not alone.
He actually wants to compete with Ryuu.
What does he have in mind this time round?
l'll go with you.
You don't have to come along , Miss Killer.
Black Shadow.
Please listen to the tremendous cheers.
We're looking at Ryuu Suzaku and Black Shadow's duel today.
Because this may be the only time.
The F0 racetrack has gathered this many spectators.
lt's truly a sight to hope for.
Though the most exciting part won't be the match itself.
Let me know if anything happens.
Our High Orbit Squad will be there to support you.
And you're not alone against Black Shadow.
Captain Falcon must be still alive.
He'll come and help you.
l truly feel that way.
l'll help you Ryuu.
lf Captain Falcon really abandons you to face your fate alone.
Give him a good punch when you see him again.
But l won't be able to hit him if he's dead.
That's true.
This is so aggravating.
l've been stumped by Ryuu, l won't be able to hold my head up again.
l'm going .
Let's see who'll prove to be better, Black Shadow.
What's the matter, is that all you've got?
Weren't you going to defeat me?
Ryuu Suzaku is like a child playing games in front of him.
The Black Bull machine's power is at the highest level of all.
He can't be beaten by smashes alone.
So that's it.
lf that's the case. . .
The Dragon Bird has surpassed him at the corner turn.
So. . . a strongly built machine is weaker at turns after all.
Let me tell you this.
Compared to surpassing my opponents.
l prefer to destroy them entirely.
Dark Firepower.
Extreme Firepower.
Very good of you to actually withstand my attack.
What's the matter, have you used up all of your trump cards?
Without any accelerating firepower, the Dragon Bird's still on top.
Dark Firepower.
What is this?
Why is it so?
lsn't this kind of move only usable once every match?
How could it be?
My Black Bull has 2 hypermatter sensors installed .
2 . . .
The Dragon Bird has fallen down along with Ryuu Suzaku.
Ryuu. Sir.
What're you doing here?
Where are you going? The match hasn't ended .
The match must stop. Rescue the driver quick.
He's gone.
The Dragon Bird and the Black Bull have disappeared together.
Don't tell me. . .
Black Shadow had planned to take Ryuu away all along?
Tracking Ryuu's position? Leave it to me.
l'm not going to interfere.
l should be going.
l'll leave things to you all now.
Lord Brasco.
Don't tell me you're. . .
You must be fine, Ryuu.
What is this place?
So you've woken up.
lt'll be less painful if you're asleep.
What is this place?
The F0 Association.
This place. . . Why are you inside the F0 Association?
lt looks like you don't understand the situation yet.
Why are you asking such a question to a place he's in charge of?
Black Shadow you. . .
You're the F0 Association's. . .
lt wasn't like this at first of course.
But with money, power and strength.
lt isn't hard to build an organisation.
So everything was under your control.
But Lord Black Shadow says he wishes to add another factor of power in.
And that's you.
The saviour of the galaxy, Ryuu Suzaku.
l've been thinking about ways to deal with you.
For someone who can surpass hypermatter sensors and have such power.
lf your power, body and the sensors.
Were all mine, it will be perfect.
Do you think that l'll join you?
Not in our dreams, of course.
This device was built using hypermatter sensors.
lt can allow your memories to vanish entirely.
This was what l did for Miss Killer.
So this is what everything's about.
lt's no use.
We haven't time to play with you.
There're reports about us manipulating the Association.
The Galactic Federation might have already known by now.
Why're you so afraid then?
Because you're the one holding the key to the universe's destiny.
We'll carefully place you into this device.
ls that right, Lord Desmond .
The F0 Association representative, Lord Desmond.
The saviour, and all the hypermatter sensors.
All within my grasp soon.
When that time comes, my glorious dream'll be realised.
l won't become part of your cohort.
What is this?
lnside here.
Your brain will be cleansed until it resembles a newborn baby.
All the memories will be gone.
l think this might be what your heart hungers for too.
l . . .
Having borne so much pain, and alone against such a destiny.
You've walked such a painful path.
You must be tired now. Don't think of anything else.
Leave it all to us.
Relax. Relax.
Relax. . . for a while.
Ryuu . . .
Who is it.
Ryu . . .
Why is it called my destiny?
You've made it seem like you're the only one fighting the Dark Million.
So just rely on us for now.
Ryuu, you're not alone against Black Shadow.
Don't lose, Ryuu.
What is this.
The Dragon Bird.
Foolish Black Bull.
Do you think that you could use a damaged Dragon Bird to leave?
lt can't be. What is this.
Captain Falcon. What!
Captain Falcon.
l'll show you my true features now.
So you're. . .
We're leaving.
Can you keep up with me?
No problem about that.
Extreme Firepower.
lt was really a miscalculation on my part.
l actually let them escape.
lt's me, l'm coming back now.
That's great.
Thank you everyone.
Look at that Jodie.
lt's Captain Falcon.
Falcon's alive too. lt's Falcon.
You've made us worry for so long.