Crochet Flower Purse Tutorial 1 - Making the Flowers

Uploaded by Meladora1 on 15.03.2012

Hi guys this is the first tutorial for the
crochet flower purse
in this one i'm going to be showing you how to make the circle
of the flower and to
start making the flower and connect it
for this tutorial your going to need a 3.5 mm hook
or a size E US hook

so get your yarn of medium 4 ply worsted weight US, 10ply AU
But if you have 3ply US, 8ply AU
it works good for the center of the flower
So if you see some that looks good with your purse
i'd suggest getting it
but it's going to make the purse a little smaller
but it's going to make
the petals of the flower
stick out more
but if all you have is 4ply / 8ply
then that's fine, I've made many purses with it
So if your using the 4ply / 10ply chain four
and if you have the 3ply / 8ply chain three

it's going to make that beginning hole smaller

slip stitch into your beginning chain
to form a ring and chain one
now you need to do

seventeen double crochets
in the center of this ring






fiftteen, and you can see I keep
pulling down to make more room
to work with

and seventeen
to make sure, I always count my stitches
it's very very important with these centers, that you have the right amount
two, three


okay I have seventeen
this first chain one space, you'll be working over it some

this is the chain one space
you want to skip that
and slip stitch into
the first
double crochet, and that's the circle of the flower

chain one and cut your yarn

grab the color you want for your flower petals

these aren't really great purse colors

i'm just going to use these colors for this tutorial
and they show up better on camera
so what you want to do to start making the petals

Is to slip stitch to attach your yarn
to the same space here, where you fastened off your other yarn
and chain ten

seven, eight, nine, ten
then you want to slip stitch
to this next stitch

and then chain ten

five, six, seven,
eight, nine

and slip stitch into the next stitch
chain ten again, and continue this around, slip stitch chain ten, slip stitch chain ten

til the end, and you should have sixteen petals

When you have your first flower done
and you have all sixteen petals

This will be the only flower that you work all the petals around at once
the rest will be joined to the next one as we go
to the flowers around it

Like this, so orginially was
my first flower
then you start to connect, for the first row
i'm going to show you how to connect all your flowers

and if your making a small purse, which I will be doing for this tutorial

you need to have seven flowers going across
and five flowers going down
so 7 by 5

for a total of thirty five flowers
so i'm going to show you how to make the connection

with the first flower, what you want to do
is start making the next flower
just like you did the first one
only stop at petal
so when you get to your
fourteenth flower don't connect it

I'm at eleven right now

three, four fix, six, seven
eight, nine, ten
that's twelve

that's thirteen

that is fourteen
Okay so it's number fifteen that you don't connect,
fourteen you do connect
How you can tell is that your going to need to do

for the last two stitches
will be the ones that are connected
to the next flower, so when you get to the end
of the chain on your fifteenth petal
one, two, three, four,five,six,seven,eight
nine,ten, so this is the fifteenth petal
what you want to do is
cut your yarn,
as you can see I have this much left
once you make
the chain, cut your yarn leaving enough yarn to
do one more chain of ten
so just leave enough
yarn to finish that chain
what I do usually, is I will go ahead and finish the flower
just coming to the end of my row
or just chain twenty on this 15th chain

and leave myself about this much yarn
then i'll cut it, then i'll take out ten of the chains, and then do my weaving

so what you want to do is
this chain
one of the petals of the first flower that you did.

put your hook
back in your loop and no you want to
slip stitch
on to your flower
to connect

chain ten again

six, seven, eight, nine
then you want to do it again
into the petal to the left
of the petal you just weaved into

weave your next chain through
and then slip stitch
to finish that petal

then chain one
and pull through
and these ends, I usually
cut it about here
then work them in
the back stitches
go in
and pull the tails through
I usually do it three times

then pull on it slightly
just to make sure it has enough tail and won't come out
then i'll cut it
so that's how you connect, the first and the second flower
and you will continue
to connect the rest of the flowers for this row
the same way, which for a small wpurse will be seven

when you get to the second row
you connect this flower exactly

the same way
by using
the last two petals of the flower

petals fifteen and sixteen, so lets get there

okay, now that's fifteen
the important thing here, is that you want to leave two loops
inbetween your connections
same thing for this one, when you connect here
your going to want to leave two in between
it's important because, this is where your connector pieces will go

just like this

see each flower that's connected, has two loose petals in between

so skip two petals
and weave
just like you did before

slip stitch
onto your flower and chain ten

weave into the next petal

slip stitch
chain one , cut yarn and weave in your end
I always do the weaving in of my ends, after I do each flower

so at the end I don't have all these ends to have to work in.

Now I'm going to show you, how to connect
the inner flowers
you'll have to
connect this way for the top row
and the rest of the flowers are going to be connectioned the way i'll show you now
and like how you stopped on the fifteenth
petal by just not connecting it
this one you'll do to the eleventh
so you do 10 and connect
then you chain 10 for your eleventh petal
then cut, and your going to need quite a bit of yarn, because you will have to

you will have 6 petals to make and connect

what I usually do is
I grab this part
and then I just stretch out my arms, and I know you can't see but, stretch
your arms out like your about to give someone a big hug
as wide as you can, then I cut it
and it usually ends up to be about a meter and a half

Leaving just alittle bit extra, then I'll cut it

and it should be enough
I don't know how long your arms are, but try it
and if it's to short
then learn to adjust to length

to save yourself yarn
it's a learning process
that way you don't have to worry about measuring it everytime

okay so your eleventh petal here
to leave two petals in between

and using these two

go into this one and use the one of the left
for your second petal

only because you crochet to the left

so for now you have 3 loose petals
slip stitch to the flower
chain ten

weave into the next petal

slip stitch and connect to the flower
chain ten
now your creating the two loops
that you will use later for the connector pieces


chain ten, slip stitch, chain ten

slip stitch, you've just completed the two loose loops
now chain ten again

again leaving two loose petals

take the third one down and weave

your chain into it, slip stitch to connect

chain 10

connect your next petal

slip stitch and chain one, and weave in your tail

and that's how you will be connecting
all the inside flowers
so the top row you will only have two connections

and the side flowers you will only have two connections
but the rest will be like this.
Just an idea, since most of these are going to be the inside flowers

I first make all my centers, this is a small purse, so I made 35 centers

then I chose my color

multicolored or one color

and I made all my middle flowers, stopping at petal eleven
you can always finish your petals to make the flower
a side or top flower
by just
adding the extra petals
but you know your okay if you leave the eleventh one open
I made all of mine like that
then I can decide where I want each color to go for a multi-colored bag

just cuts down on so much time
for me, I get all my work done
then I can just start doing my weaving.
So I hope this tutorial has been helpful and the tips have been helpful

and let me know
if there was something that was unclear
because I really want to teach you guys how to do this
so thanks for watching
and stay tuned
for tutorial number two