Youtube partner banner tutorial - [Serbian commentary] + english captions

Uploaded by Salle931 on 16.01.2013

Hello,i'm Alex Rozett and in this video I will show you how to make banner for your channel if you are a partner
Before we start i just want to say, If you are not a partner,
You can't make this banner !
First what we need is this template you see
Partner template is this picture you see now on your screen
For those who dont know what a banner is, Banners is this place at the top of your channel
In which you make pictures with HTML code,like facebook,twitter,google+,soundcloud etc
For start you could download this template, Link to this template will be in the description of this video
First what we are going to do on this template, Is to write our channel name and put it somewhere in the top middle spot
Use any font you like,i used "Bebas".
Since i dont know what to write i will just do "Alex Vlogging".
Now you can play a little bit with the efects,efecets can be put simply by double-clicking the layer and chosing which efect suits you.
In my opinion i dont like these efects,so im gonna make one on my own. This efect im gonna make is called "Mirror Efect".