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MIKE SPINELLI: Hey, welcome to our little corner of Crate &
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This week on Tuned, a horsepower econo-boost--
I wrote actually--
wait a minute--
I just want to say I wrote EcoBooBoost.

Thanks, Ian.
Thanks for catching that.
EcoBooBoost, EcoBoost swapped Ford Raptor.
Matt Farah says, yes, please.
Let's take a look.
MATT FARAH: This is what a pickup truck is supposed to
be, the exact opposite of the hilariously useless excuses
for sport trucks we've seen in the past, the Ford Lightning,
GMC Cyclone, and Dodge SRT Ram.
No other truck comes this prepared to play in the dirt.
No other truck can show up at the dunes, the trails, Home
Depot, or a Beverly Hills valet equally ready for the
task at hand.
And for our purposes, no other truck would make a better
camera vehicle.
It's an all around win.
But considering how sorted the truck comes from the factory,
we were always surprised at the lack of engine choices.
MIKE SPINELLI: That's Ford's new EcoHoneyBooBoost on Tuned,
every Monday this season here on Drive.
And on Tuesday, it's another episode of Inside Koenigsegg.
This week Christian Von K introduces us to the triplex
Don't know what this is?
Well, you're going to find out right here in this clip.

CHRISTIAN VON KOENIGSEGG: So here we are at station six out
of seven on our production line.
And I'm going to talk a little bit about our rear suspension
on the car.
If you want the car to go fast, and especially on the
track and in cornering and in braking, all of these aspects,
it's not enough with a powerful engine.
You also need a chassis and a suspension which is up to
snuff to get the power to the ground really.
So here, when I open this, you can see what we call the
triplex suspension.
First of all, it's very unique and it really enables our car
to get maximum traction, maximum level of comfort.
This is actually a road car as well, but with very little
compromise between comfort and handling and stability.

doesn't give a [BLEEP].
That's Inside Koenigsegg every Tuesday on Drive.
And guess what?
Guess what?
What Ian?
IAN: Chris Harris is back?
MIKE SPINELLI: Chris Harris is back, [CLAPPING]
Chris Harris, Chris mother [BLEEP]
Harris is back.
And he drove one of the greatest Porsches of all time.
It's one you may not know.
But it's awesome and it's the Singer 911.
Yes, maybe you've probably heard of it.
All right, you've heard of it.
Let's take a look.

That's Chris Harris.
He's back, back this season every Wednesday here on Drive.
Thank you very much.
And on RideApart, Jamie Robinson shows Matt Farah what
he's been missing by messing around with
four-wheelers only.
That's Matt on a sport bike.
Let's see how that turned out.
MIKE SPINELLI: That's RideApart
every Thursday on Drive.
And also on Thursday, Road Testament goes to the
Detroit Auto Show.
We get up all close to the--
all up in the--
all up in the C7 Corvette's grill, yes.
I wouldn't say that.
But anyway, and we'll find out whatever else matters at the
Detroit Auto Show.
That's the Detroit Auto Show, Road Testament this Thursday.
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I'm going to keep going.
That's Shakedown with Leo Parente every Friday.
And that's it for Drive Central this week.
Thank you for hanging out with us here in our little
furniture store.
That's where I sleep, of course.
And we'll see you next week.
(YELLING) Chris Harris is back!
Chris Harris.
Chris [BLEEP]
That was terrible. (QUIETLY) Chris, Chris, Chris.
Chris Harris is back and--
no, [BLEEP].
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