Winter Of The Dead (Meteletsa) [2012] - Trailer (World War Z in Russia) [HD]

Uploaded by horrornymphs on 06.01.2012

- We are filming together right?
Are you already there?
What should I see?
- Fucked up!
What could have ripped his throat out like that?
Dogs... who knows?
Hey! Anyone here?!
All of them are here!
Aim for the head!
- Hey! Drop the camera! - Whats up?
Who's here?
Attention Attention Attention...
It's a pandemic... rescue mission is possible... yourselves
It has more of an Eastern touch...
... say, ancient Sumerian magic...
and Bin Laden is using it to fight
...the infidels. Possible, right?
He totally could be...
Dead or alive, I don't care, but if they all stand up we'll go down...
You can't predict God's will...
...and who knows what our destiny will be, and when we must fulfill our role
But it's not gonna be me who dies alone... They're all gonna burn with me
We will restore the order in this city!
Heavenly Father, please bless and protect his soul...
...and forgive him all his sins...