Basic Hand Rankings in Poker : High Cards Vs. Better Cards

Uploaded by expertvillage on 19.01.2008

This guy says, "Hey, I got king and queen, maybe I'm good, I'm going to call." That's
that. Well, next card comes, it's a jack. First player says, "My continuation bet didn't
work. Well, what to do, what to do? I'm going to check." Second guy says, "Hey, I'm on a
draw now, I can draw a straight. If he's giving away that card for free, I'm going to check
too." Lastly, the river brings a five. It doesn't hit anybody. At this point the raiser
says, "Well, I check." On the river, the last person to act, figures he's got to make a
bet to steal the pot, he makes the minimum raise bet, the only raise bet that he's allowed.
At this point, our friend the initial raiser, is getting such odds on his call bet, that
he might as well make a call and see if his high card is good. He makes that call, both
players show their hands, this person has king, queen, jack, ten and seven. Unfortunately
that high card hand loses to ace, king, jack, ten, seven. That's how one high card hand
beats another.