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Last week’s death of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens reflects the
growing unrest in Muslim-controlled countries by unemployed youths. Some analysts believe
the violence is not the result of a recently publicized religious-tinged video but anger
at the lack of social services delivered by the Arab world’s newly elected governments.
Other experts say that while the protesters represent a small fraction of the population,
religious extremists are gaining valuable publicity for their fight against Western
influence in the region.
Following on the heels of Typhoon Bolaven, Typhoon Sanba is predicted to add to North
Korea’s summer of suffering. Sanba should die down from a category 4 to category 2 by
the time it reaches the Korean peninsula, but North Korea is ill-prepared to handle
yet another summer storm.
The largest U.S. home-improvement retailer Home Depot has decided to close up shop in
China after 6 years of sluggish sales. Mattel toy company and Best Buy electronics mart
have also closed due to poor market analysis and failed attempts at localizing their Chinese
Acupuncture has now been shown to be effective for some ailments, with more than 3,000,000
people undergoing treatment for shoulder pain, back and neck pain, chronic headaches and
osteoarthritis. Muscle spasms also respond to the increased blood flow following insertion
of the needles.
A volcanic eruption in Guatemala has triggered evacuations from the popular tourist city
of Antigua and neighboring towns and disrupted airlines and ground transportation due to
heavy cinders, ash, gases, and smoke.
Global warming is taking its toll on wildlife in the Arctic. Polar bears are suffering from
a lack of sea ice from which to hunt, leading to increased competition for rapidly dwindling
seal populations, their primary food.