Strauss: Capriccio - "Verraten hab ich..." "Diese Liebe..." "Wir werden die Schokolade"

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l have betrayed my feelings!
Blinded by your beauty,
l stand before you
and await my judgment.
You two confuse me:
l doubt; l vacillate.
Decide, decide:
music or poetry?
Flamand, Olivier, whom will you give the prize?
l was already enchanted
by your noble music:
it vanquished dry words.
You brought them to resounding life ...
Your arts are so closely bound!
You cause this entwinement.
Everything is confusion:
words sound, music speaks ...
... that l love you!
This love, born suddenly
that afternoon
when you entered
your library.
You didn't see me.
You took a book
in your lovely hands.
l sat hidden in a corner,
silent. l held my breath
and didn't dare to move.
Page after page l saw you read.
Twilight fell.
l drank you in
and closed my eyes.
Music raged in me,
in the torrent of my feelings.
When l opened my eyes,
you had disappeared.
Only the book you were reading lay in its place,
open as you had left it.
l picked it up
and read in the twilight:
''ln love, silence is better than speech.
Silence has an eloquence
that is more thrilling
than words can ever be.''
l remained a long time and felt
the presence of your thoughts.
Then it became dark.
l was alone.
Since that moment, l am a changed man.
l live and breathe
only for your love!
And you don't take the quote to heart.
Why do you hide behind words?
You borrow from your friend, trading your roles.
You heard the sound
of my love, but my music
didn't find its way to your heart.
You spoke at length of your feelings.
Was l right to dare to admit it?
''The joy of love,
that one doesn't dare declare has thorns,
but also charms.''
You quote this book and evade me.
l ask for an answer,
to crush me or fill me with joy!
Give me a sign, just a word ...
Not now, Flamand, not here!
When? Where? - Up there, where you fell in love.
ln the library, today! - No, tomorrow. - Tomorrow morning?
Tomorrow morning at eleven. - Madeleine!
We will take chocolate here.