MARTINA Kite , Kitesurf in Paracuru

Uploaded by paracurukitevillage on 19.07.2010

HI , I'm Martina, I'm 12 years old. I was born in Italy, in Abruzzo, but I currently live in Paracuru, Brazil.
my favorite tricks are the s-bend, railey, and grabs.
In Paracuru I met various international athletes including Gisela Pulido and Tomais Teixtera.
... I like strong wind and flat water conditions ... ... I think it is better for freestyle.
I really like the lagoons of Brazil, especially Taiba, Where I started to ride and where I closed ... my first handle pass.
Soon I'm going to Ilha do Guajuru, where I hope to learn new some tricks.
Last year I took part my first race ... and I came second.
It was very exciting for me because I was the youngest of the participants
...and I hope to repeat the same experience, perhaps with new tricks.
that's all ... See you next time.